Yahoo Board Approves $1.1 Billion All-Cash Tumblr Acquisition Deal

Posted on May 19 2013 - 11:18pm by Editorial Staff


Finally the Sunday turned out to be step-closer billion dollar story acquisition story for Yahoo as the company’s board has approved $1.1 billion Tumblr acquisition, according to The Wall Street Journal. It was just two days back when the story breaks for the first time that Yahoo in talks with Tumblr for potential acquisition with Yahoo’s invited the press for product-related event on May 20th, pointing strongly towards something cooking deeply.

And, now with the WSJ report, we are step closer to it. Consider if Tumblr accept the acquisition deal, without a doubt, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer may announce the deal officially tomorrow at its media event. If Tumblr accept the deal, then it would be a win-win situation for both as Yahoo bringing a whole big company into its pile and Tumblr in return will get a massive payoff for all its years of hardwork.

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