Yahoo Begins Resetting Inactive Accounts IDs, Allows You To Get Your Yahoo Username Wish List Ready

Posted on Jul 16 2013 - 10:03am by Editorial Staff

Yahoo Username Wishlist

As expected, Yahoo today announced that it has started resetting IDs of inactive accounts and allows you to build a wish list of five usernames for August release, so that when the company start re-allocating again them to the users, based on priority, they will get them.

The whole thing goes like this if a Yahoo ID says which has been inactive for at least 12 months; the company will allow it for re-allocation. The company has given users over a month to login if they didn’t, then now the users who are interested in those names will get the one.

You too can fill up your username preference choices (from most to least wanted). You can enter up to five usernames and once entered, hit the submit button. If you are first in line for a username, you will receive a link from Yahoo so that you can claim it in mid-August 2013.

If in case your first choice isn’t available, then Yahoo will work towards the next username you would be interested in list.  Make sure you do know that if you filled out wish list that Yahoo will send out emails letting users know when the picks is available, with a link for claiming them within 48 hours.

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