WSJ: Google Working On Touch Screen Chromebooks, Due ‘Later This Year’

Posted on Feb 21 2013 - 11:40am by Editorial Staff


According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, the search giant Google is working on to develop touch screen Chromebooks for launch coming up “later this year” although there are no words or any clearance that whether tomorrow’s press event in San Francisco is related to the Chromebooks.

There are no words on specification or pricing in the report while the Journal on counting on the number stated that there are just 100,000 Chromebooks were estimated to have been sold in the final quarter of 2012. While report suggested that Google’s new device could possibly have a high-density display complete with a 2560 X 1700 resolution.

With Google in recent time found a greater place other than internet with topping the smartphone platform race with its Android mobile operating system and its huge purchase of Motorola Mobility, there is no surprise on the matter of fact that this time company is working towards bigger.

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