World’s Weirdest Museums

Posted on Aug 16 2013 - 1:30am by Amy Labbadia

Torture Museum

One of the staples for any holiday is wandering around museums and finding out about the local history. However, this can soon become tiring if the museums aren’t particularly enthralling. Luckily there exists a host of quirky, weird and downright bizarre museums dotted around the world, which promise to excite and confuse visitors.

But what are they, and where? We’ve drawn up a list of the World’s Most Interesting Museums, so you can begin your (unconventional) quest for knowledge!

The Mutter Museum, USA

Filled with all manner of disturbing specimens, the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia has gained considerable popularity over the years. They are currently trying to figure out why their (deceased) female resident’s body decomposed into a soap-like substance.

International Museum of Toilets, India

Often the butt of many bad jokes, the International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi proudly displays the history of toilets. So if personal hygiene is your thing, look no further than this strange establishment.

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, Japan

Dying to know about the origins of Japanese ramen noodle soup? Well you don’t have to, as the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum in Yokohama has a museum dedicated to their national dish. Tasty!

Museum of Bad Art, USA

To some, it might be difficult to work out what makes the Museum of Bad Art different to any other art gallery, but once inside you’ll soon see. This museum is good fun for any discerning art critic.

Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Torture Museum is a grizzly affair, hosting a collection of the world’s oldest and most gruesome torture devices. It will appeal to anyone who has a taste for the macabre.

Beijing Tap Water Museum, China

The Beijing Tap Water Museum is built on the site of the first water plant in Beijing. If that wasn’t fascinating enough, you’ll be pleased to hear that the museum details the history of tap water in Beijing.

The Dog Collar Museum, UK

Based in Kent, the Dog Collar Museum is home to a collection of the oldest dog collars in the world. From royal dog collars to more recent ones, this strange museum has a tail-wagging collection that spans over five centuries.

International Cryptozoology Museum, USA

Ever wondered if Big Foot exists? How about a mermaid or the yeti? At the International Cryptozoology Museum guests can learn about the most elusive animals and whether they are real or not. There are even meant to be mermaid foetuses (supposedly) on display.

Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia

The Museum of Enduring Beauty details the painful methods women went through to conform to the current standards of beauty, from constricting corsets to bone-crushing footwear. It’s an eye-opener, and is still relevant today.

The Mustard Museum, USA

Love mustard? Then you’ll probably love the Mustard Museum, which is dedicated to the relish. If learning about the history of mustard wasn’t exciting enough, then the gift shop surely will be – you could even buy your own mustard museum t-shirt!

Photo Credit: Flickr/Sandeep Singh Thukral

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