Ways To Dramatically Change The Workplace For Millennial Workers

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 9:46am by Davis Miller


The millennials entering our workforce today are simply known as “digital natives” and the reason behind that is quite self-explanatory. It is estimated that by the end of this year 36% of the workforce will consist of millennials and by the end of 2025 that figure will go up to a whopping 75%. The workplace will be dramatically changed by the new generation who are being brought up to interact with the world in a very different way.

It is very important for businesses to embrace and adapt to millennial employees as they’re the key to future advancements. The only way we can stay a competitive, innovative and a vibrant society is by working together and releasing the full potential of millennial workers. Now, we have to ask ourselves this – how can we improve the workplace to face all these new challenges?

Well, the answer’s quite simple but the actual task is far from easy to accomplish. All the hardware, software and infrastructure must be upgraded in order to adapt to the way an average millennial works.

Who Are The Millennials?

Baby boomers are today’s leading generation of active workforce. Studies have shown that boomers recognize their abilities as optimism, organizational memory, and the willingness to spend more hours at the workplace. We’re talking about a generation that grew together with the world’s most affluent corporations rather than about people accustomed to working tedious 9 to 5 schedules.

Millennials have a totally different vision on what they want from employers. They’re skilled in technology, educated, and they’re packed with energy. They don’t just have high expectations from their jobs; they also care about the people with whom they work. Millennials want to be challenged, so it’s up for companies to let them brainstorm ideas on their own to achieve greatness.

The World Is Going Mobile…And So Are The Millennials!

Seeing a millennial get a ‘talking-to’ for being on their smartphones is not a rare sight. Chances are, they’re texting a friend, tweeting a new status or even sharing a few photos. Whatever may be the case, the only thing people take away from this is that they have lesser productivity than any other generation. Working on the move is now a popular trend amongst the new generation. Some work places have a “Bring Your Own Device” policy which shows how much importance an average millennial gives to their ability to work from a personal mobile device that they own.

The workplace must be adapted for millennials, and for that to happen companies should do their best to make an office space tech-friendly. Apart from quality furniture, multi-purpose decor items, and a soothing decor, it’s paramount for an employee to have full access to advanced technology – we’re talking iPads, laptops, Smartphone, printers, and more. The profile of a competent worker in the 21st century depends on technology, so that’s definitely a first step to consider if you want people to feel motivated at work.

It’s All About Cooperation

Millennials redefined the word ‘teamwork’ as they like nothing better than to work together. Larson and Mertzger defined them as “innovative, result-oriented and collaborative” in their Fast Company article. They claimed that millennials are more interested in completing their goals rather than wasting their time choosing what path to take. Although millennials aren’t a huge fan of business formalities, they are still blessed with a strong work ethic (even though their version of it may be different).

The new generation does not like working in cubicles – they want to work in an open space and collaborate with each other to get the work done. What this means is that in order for businessmen to cater to their employees’ needs, they have to redesign the entire work place.

The furniture must be up to the task and be able to change its shape based on the working style of each team. This includes (but aren’t limited to) expanding desks where they can work together more efficiently and movable walls which allows people to work privately when they want to and as a team. Modular furniture is equally important because it helps millennial workers be more productive and detailed-oriented.

Personalized office spaces

Offices these days are becoming more and more personalized to suit the needs of the employees. This includes improvements to office furniture and mobile access to work from anywhere around the world – on the go. This may seem like it’s changing the workplace as you know it, but it is necessary in order to adapt to a generation that grew up in a world very different from what their predecessors faced.

Companies worldwide are becoming aware that an adequate work environment can have a great impact on performance. Ergo, most Silicon Valley enterprises have decided to develop amazing workspaces and make their employees feel valued members of the team. The term “cool office” is widely used these days, and some key elements to make a work station be cool includes: adding games in the recreation room, making the place look vibrant with beautiful colors, adding plants and flowers, and creating a relaxed, laidback atmosphere where everyone can work at their fullest potential.

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