Women Entrepreneurs Feels More Successful When Compared To Men

Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 4:38pm by Editorial Staff

We’ve always known that the differences between a man and a woman run deeper than just looks; it runs to their very natures as well. Now, according to a survey, it has been found that women tend to feel more confident in their success than men do. The Hartford Financial Services Group surveyed 1004 small business owners last year, comprising of 271 women and 733 men, and found that while 90% of women considered their small business a success, only 80% of men thought so too. So what is it that makes these women more confident than the men? Let’s take a look:

  1. Women tend to be more conservative about taking risks with respect to their businesses as compared to men. Women business owners also do not believe that taking more risks would make them more successful, as opposed to their male counterparts, according to the survey.
  2. While the economic situation today is not looking good and women entrepreneurs tend to view the situation less optimistically than men, they also do not seem to think that it is their biggest problem. Instead they feel that increased start up and overhead costs are their major problem areas, along with bureaucratic red tape. Only a minority were more concerned about lack of demand or customers.
  3. According to the survey, more women than men said that they would vote for a pro- business slate of candidates in the upcoming elections. It seems that their increased level of empowerment at the ballot box makes them optimistic about a favourable business climate in the future.

All these surveys aside, it might just be that women tend to have lower expectations and smaller goals and thus tend to be more satisfied with their businesses than men. Unlike men who dream of building big business empires, women tend to go for being able to handle a small business, being your own boss and being able to make a comfortable living off of their business.

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