Windows Phone Marketplace Published 100,000 Apps, 313 New Apps Per Day

Posted on Jun 6 2012 - 4:40am by Editorial Staff

Windows Phone are on the rise, as All About Windows Phone claims that more than 100,000 apps have now been published in the Windows Phone Marketplace and new content is currently being added at the rate of 313 apps per day. Over and all it took Windows Phone 14 months to reach 50,000 apps, but within another 5 months the figure got double to 100,000. The 50,000 app mark was reached on December 27th, 2011, the 60,000 mark on January 22nd, 2012, the 70,000 mark on February 23rd, and the 80,000 milestone on March 26th, the 90,000 milestone on April 30th. It has taken an additional 33 days to reach the 100,000 mark.

Key points (As of June 3rd, 2012):

  • 100,145 apps published to the Windows Phone Marketplace over the last 20 months
  • 88,371 apps live (available for download, total across 60 countries)
  • Windows Phone reached the 100,000 milestone faster than Android (24 months), but slower than iOS (16 months)
  • 23,825 publishers (developers)
  • Proportion of quality apps (rated five or more times) stable at 8% (UK ratings) 12% (US ratings)
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