WIFI Networks Security (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 17 2012 - 5:42am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s NoteGuest Author Himanshu Madhan is a technology enthusiast interested in analysing and reporting about different technologies.

To accelerate in business developing, Internet communication has to be required with secured data transportation. Wi-Fi is one of the most successful communication technology ever invented. It has proliferated beyond the workplace into homes and public space that authenticate your important data. Most of users don’t know that surfing the internet with an open WI-FI connection can expose their laptop or tablet computer to malicious hackers. As concern to the requirement of households in the world, 25% or 439 million households use wireless connection, from which 49% of Wi-Fi networks are unsecured or encrypted and 80% are those who can easily take care over control of computers and internet traffic through cyber criminals. Making you understand better, the fine folks at BotRevolt comes up with an infographic that you must check:

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