Why Small Businesses Prefer Pay As You Go IT Support?

Posted on Aug 8 2013 - 8:41pm by James Stuart

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More or Less every business relies on technology to run smoothly, from telephone and email systems to in-house software and data storage, so everybody needs access to expert IT support when something goes wrong or a new system is put into place. The issue that can occur with small businesses is that they sometimes can’t afford the extra staffing costs of retaining full-time IT support members, need their valuable office space for operational purposes or storage instead of accommodating more staff or simply only need help with their IT systems on sporadic, ad-hoc occasions. Instead of trying to fix issues themselves without the desired results, small businesses are now taking advantage of Pay As You Go IT support.

We can define pay as you go support quite simply by the user of the service only pays for the service that they receive, no upfront payment or contract of credit applies to this systematic approach. Pay As You Go IT support means that you only pay for the time you actually require support so that you don’t waste any of your budget. This helps you to keep your IT support costs as low as possible as you don’t have any overhead costs. Pay As You Go IT support still gives you the flexibility of having IT support whenever you need it for anything from the smallest issues to large-scale fixes, such as system failures and disaster recovery. As well as ad-hoc repairs, Pay As You Go IT support systems can also help with your larger requirements, such as rolling out new systems and updates, reconfigurations and other changes. Pay As You Go IT support means that you can pay for as much or as little help and assistance you require, as and when it suits you and your business.

There are plenty of advantages of using pay as you go IT support, mainly meaning that you can tailor your IT support usage to your budget and requirements. As a small business, you may find that you may not need frequent IT support due to lower staff numbers and therefore less computers and telephones, so IT issues appear to be much less frequent than much larger companies. No matter how big or small your business, issues with your IT system can be a major inconvenience and you can’t predict the frequency or severity of problems, but using a Pay As You Go IT support provider takes away the guesswork of having to estimate your IT requirements. Knowing how much you are paying ensures that you don’t get any nasty surprises after the necessary fixes are put into place.

By using a pay as you go IT support system it can allow the service to be available pretty much on demand and extremely flexible, you can rest assured that you will still get the knowledge and experience of IT experts who will be able to provide proactive IT solutions that work around you and your company. This also means speedy and efficient diagnosis to determine your system issues so that they are swiftly dealt with, causing you minimal disruption and allowing your business to continue as normal. After all, time is money! You have access to expert help without staffing costs or spending money for time that they don’t spend time working and you don’t have to try to fix the issue yourself, taking your precious time and focus away from important tasks. More and more small businesses are switching to Pay As You Go IT Support as they get expert advice and solutions whilst being able to fit around their business’s budget and individual requirements.

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