Why Small Businesses Can (And Should) Hire Big

Posted on Nov 7 2014 - 9:04am by Alexandra Ashton

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No matter how big the company is, its success depends on their employees. Yes, it is important that companies have good product or a service but the employees are the one that deliver that product or service. It is not easy to find good and talented new employees that will be a perfect match for your company. Big companies have resources they can use to attract new employee that are not imaginable for smaller companies. It is true that as a smaller company, you can’t compete with big companies but you don’t even have to. Big companies have their way of attracting new employees and you should find your own. Maybe, you can’t promise them weekend trips to Hawaii but you can promise them much more. Not only you can offer them more hands-on involvement and responsibilities but you can assure them that in a smaller company they will get more recognition and more career prospects. Many employees will rather choose that than some financial benefits they can get in big company where their effort won’t be recognised.

When hiring new employees you need to make sure they are a perfect match for your company. You will have to ask right questions during the interview to ensure that you find perfect employee. For example, did you know that during the interview you should ask them what the craziest thing they have ever done is? This will help the interviewer to determine a candidate’s personality and whether they’d fit into the organisation. Amazing trick, right? To be sure your new employee is a good match you need to be sure they have great skillset. For example, good employee needs to be ambitious and they need to be able to take charge when needed. To be sure you choose perfect employee check out this interesting infographic.


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