Why Liverpool Is The Best Place For Students

Posted on Jun 27 2019 - 9:54am by Editorial Staff

Is Liverpool on your list of potential universities? If so, you have chosen well, as it has actually been voted as one of the best places for young people to live in the UK. If this is not enough to sway you, then you should take a look at these top reasons why Liverpool is the best student city.

Affordable living

More than likely, you will have already started researching your top three university choices to find out where you can afford to live. Although you will be aided by your student loan, some cities in the UK are actually so expensive that many students even take on two jobs to afford their student flat. This is not the case in Liverpool, where you can find affordable student accommodation all over the city. If you’re planning to attend the University of Liverpool or John Moores University, you should look at central properties, like the affordable student apartments available at RW Invest, which are just a short walk away from both universities.

Now you know where to find cheap accommodation, your next step is to see how much your weekly shop is. Lucky for you, Liverpool has numerous budget supermarkets which will allow you to use your student loan wisely. There are also some great shopping destinations for students, which include Primark and Forever21, where you will receive massive discounts. If you love vintage, you can find some great bargains in one of the many charity shops around Liverpool.

Exciting nightlife

If you’re struggling to choose the right university for you, then you can always look to see where the best nightlife is, and where the cheapest drinks are. In Liverpool, you can find all of that and more, because as a student there is always something going on, so even if you’re a fresher or a master’s student, you will be in your element.

In Liverpool, there are so many places to go – day or night. The most popular destination for students has always been Concert Square, which is a lively area in the city centre and perfect for a sunny day or a night out. Many students have chosen to live near the Baltic Triangle, which was once an area full of warehouses and has now been transformed into a thriving hub of restaurants and bars, such as the Baltic Market and the Baltic social. If you’re looking for something different, you could head to Ghetto Golf to work on your swing and try out the cocktails. 

Vibrant culture

Even if you want to lay off the drinking and late nights, there is still plenty to do in Liverpool, especially if you live in the city centre where you can walk out your door and find cultural spots everywhere. If you’re completely new to the city, you could opt to take the red sightseeing bus for just under ten pounds which will give you access to everything from the Beatles statues and museums to the famous docks and the great cathedrals.  If you’re a huge Beatles fan, you should head to Matthew Street, where there are several bars including the Cavern Club where they had a regular slot. You could also head outside of the city centre to see Strawberry Fields and John Lennon’s childhood home. You can also find some gorgeous parks across the rest of Liverpool, especially Sefton Park, which is home to some of Liverpool’s best festivals and the stunning Palm house, where you can attend an event or bond with your flatmates over an old film.

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