Why It Is Important to Attend Your Business Callers Efficiently?

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 5:03pm by Kevin Warrel

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Whether you have a small or large business, you need to give importance to the incoming calls of your business efficiently and professionally. When it comes to handling a call, voice branding is important. This becomes even more apparent when a potential customer is making a call to your business for the first time.

Your business may have a receptionist or no receptionist. In either case, you need to make sure to not let the call go unanswered.

You might know that 75% of your incoming calls are the first time callers and they have never made any business dealings with your company before. And therefore, most of the callers have the same thing to ask you. These questions include-

  • What are your business hours?
  • Where is your company based?
  • Can I talk to someone in the admin/ sales/tech support department?

Whenever any of the callers makes a call to your business, they repeat the same question. So, there where you need to answer if it makes sense to engage your receptionist in to respond to callers to these simple questions again and again. Or should your receptionist assist your clients that are associated with your establishment?

Well, if your company does not have a receptionist, it makes sense to use an automated attendant system. It offers a better solution to handle your incoming calls. It is able to answer those questions easily and route callers to the correct employee or staff efficiently.

If you want this system to route calls to the right person in your department, you need to choose the right equipment among a wide array of automated attendant systems.

Well, an automated attendant system is the right solution to transfer a caller to the right staff of your business?  But, what would you do to retain a caller in your business call for at least three minutes to let them know about your new product and service? Yes, you are right— you will use on hold music.

The significance of on hold music

When you click the ‘hold’ button on your business phone system, your caller gets to listen to message on hold. Message on hold or music on hold is an important tool for customer retention.

There is a solid reason why businesses use this system? You might know that about 70 % callers are kept on hold every time they call your business. While not being responded, they hang the phone up. This results in loss in your business productivity. The callers hate to listen to the silence music which sends a bad response against your business. If you choose music with different variations, you can stay healthy for long periods.

In order to use this technology, you need to use some systems. You can use VOIP phone systems. You need .mp3file to be uploaded to this system  to us this. If your small company does not have VOIP systems, you can use other pieces of hardware to fix it to your phone lines. Among many devices, USB-based equipment is the best.

Once you have decided what type of device you want, you need to determine the type of music for your business.

There are different types of music needed for different types of business. There are corporate music, bright, hip hop, rock light, tech/business, jazz light musics. You can choose any of the options based on your business needs. Once you have opted for the service, it is important to update that music once a year. Or else, your customer will not be interested to listen to your message.

Inserting messages about your new business promotions is the best idea to update your message.

Use this service and see how it benefits your business.

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