Why Beginners Should Use SVG Design in Their Business

Posted on Jan 19 2019 - 2:29pm by Editorial Staff

Working with SVG is not particularly new. SVG format has been a part of the trend since a long while now. Although SVG images are prevalent in website designing or website development nowadays, many people are still not aware of how they work and what are they used for.

Well, for starters an SVG image is a vector based image developed majorly for the web. All significant and popular web browsers support this format, and there are so, so many software that works through it. Even Microsoft Office’s latest update has SVG support. So basically, it works almost everywhere!

Now as to why this format is so accessible is because of its high resolution. You, as a user, can see every pixel if it exists and also lose no quality even after zooming in or out.

It is a rather practical format that is used in many places. You can find SVG images in logos, icons, background images, as a button, charts and drawings and mappings. Because these files are easy to manipulate, they are often preferred over other images. Mainly, if you are working with an SVG file, then you are doing that for images that may change in the future based on the device/screen size. You can use it for logos, sketches, and other simple images.

So if you are wondering as to why to let go of other formats like JPG, PNG, or even GIF and move on to SVG, then here is a list of reasons as to why this should appear to you:

  • SVG download is one of the easiest when you are working on images. You don’t even need to download. You can just view these files on your web browser, say Google Chrome or edit them online on Picazu. So unlike JPG, it is far more comfortable.
  • The SVG file is in a vector format. This is important because nowadays we don’t have just one desktop sized computer where images are viewed. Na-uh, we also have tablets, mobile phones and what not. In order for your image to be responsive on all of these platforms, it should be a vector image. Vector images can quickly change their size without losing any quality.
  • SVG downloadimages are defined by XML. If you have ever worked with XML, then you probably already know what this means but even if you don’t, here is what it signifies: you can script, search, index and compress your image.
  • But all of this does not mean that you cannot do what you can do with JPG or PNG files. No, you can do everything you can do on those files as well, including adding a variety of design techniques, add filters, blur effects, drop shadows, clipping, flipping and masking, blend modes, and almost any other effect you would like to put on.
  • You can create these files either with text-based code or with the images as you draw. Thus, you have freedom and the flexibility to do as you please.

And this is just the glimpse of it. You can do so much more with these files that we probably cannot even tell you. So just go and work out these files yourself!

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