Why Are Action Sports So Addictive?

Posted on Aug 28 2013 - 12:18am by Josh Barter


So why are action sports so addictive? Is it the rush? Is it pushing yourself to new limits? Is it finding something you love and becoming obsessed? For me it is a combination of all of these things and becoming part of a community of people who think the same as you. These sports are an outlet for expression and it’s not just about doing it by yourself. Although surfing, snowboarding, riding motorbikes and bikes, kiteboarding, jetskis and wakeboarding are individual endeavours there is a collective group belonging when you participate in these sports.

This is one of the reasons it is so addictive for many. If you haven’t done one of these sports and you suddenly start be prepared to be talking about it to every person you meet for the next week. Instantly you will find someone who has done the exact thing you are talking about or knows someone that does it. Action sports are everywhere and are being pushed into the mainstream more and more everyday. Surfing has now become a global sport with over 23 million surfers worldwide. These people even if they don’t know it are connected in some way.

The fact is that these sports offer a lifestyle and community which makes them addictive and it leaves you wanting to go back for more. These sports can consume your life and dictate what you do on the weekends and even what you do before, during and after work. The problem is that as soon as you start surfing you then become addicted to skating, and then you become addicted to snowboarding in winter. Action sports can have a huge positive impact in your life so be prepared to become totally obsessed as soon as you start.

It’s also about adventure and finding that unknown wave, mountain, track or park. Globally there are untouched destinations for you to explore and learn something new. The amazing part of action sports is that you never stop learning. No two waves are the same. Each time you do a run down the mountain your line may be different. Each time you hit a jump on your motorbike or mountain bike it will feel different. That is why action sports can become so addictive. Each day is a new one and each time you go out to enjoy what you do you are faced with a new challenge. Isn’t that what life is about? Facing new challenges head on, learning something new and growing. Action sports are a perfect example that creates that feeling. It might be conquering a new trick or finding a secret spot that makes you want to come back for more.

Starting one of these sports while addictive can also be daunting when trying to learn how to surf, or how to stand up paddle board or how to choose the right snowboard. It can be difficult and it’s about getting the right advice and then getting out and trying it. If you don’t get out there and try you will never know. These sports are so addictive because of how much fun you have while you are doing them. If you have thought about surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding or kiteboarding and thought it was too hard just get out there and have a go. You won’t regret it and it will be the best thing you have ever done. Trust me.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Ben K Adams

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