Who Would Think That Meditation On The Bus Would Be This Easy?

Posted on Sep 18 2013 - 12:22am by Tom Key


Like most people, I often feel that I am a victim of modern life. Family, friends and work all consume a large proportion of my time in any given week and finding the time to do anything purely for myself can be downright tricky and in most cases impossible. With life hurtling along at 100mph it is often nice to slow things down and try some mindfulness techniques to try and gain some perspective.

As an avid user of Twitter, I recently became aware of a new meditation app produced by Headspace that would allow me to do just that. The app was being heralded by British celebs like Emma Watson (from Harry Potter Fame) and Davina McCall (former Big Brother presenter) as a fantastic tool to use to relax.

Having looked at the website it became apparent that the app itself was free to use as part of a trial, so I signed up to give it a try.

The premise behind the app is fairly simple. Unlike a lot of meditation apps out there, the Headspace app steers clear of association with the religious meditative teachings often preached or practised by other resources out there. Although the Headspace teachings are the brainchild of co-founder Andy Puddicombe (a former Buddhist mink), you never feel that you are being preached to with regards to your spirituality. Instead you receive information and advice in a down-to-earth and engaging way. It instead promises to offer ‘modern meditation for those on the go’ and from my point of view completely delivered.

It is its approach to meditation that helps the Headspace app really standout from the other alternatives available out there. Available for both Android and Apple devices, the Headspace meditation app is easily downloaded and you can start using the free resources available as part of the trial instantaneously. With a range of audio and visual tools at your disposal focusing on topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, focus, addiction and creativity, it is quick and easy to learn the basics of meditation. You’ll find that once you start the free trial programme that you will want to rattle through the modules fairly rapidly.

Once you have learned how to meditate, you then have the option to upgrade your free account to the next great package. This gives you an abundance of audio and visual treats to work your way through at a very reasonable price. You can then cater the whole experience in a way that enables you to focus on what you want to achieve. So if you want to find a way to improve your creative flow in time for a big presentation, you can do that. Alternatively if you are finding moving to your new home a stressful experience, you can concentrate on using the techniques to reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing.

With a multitude of meditative and mindful resources in the palm of your hand, you will find that those 5-10 minutes that were previously wasted are now transformed into 1 of the most important and rewarding periods of the day. Your commute into work will never be so relaxing! I recommend giving the app a trial – you’ve really got nothing to lose and if you like it, plenty to gain.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Brian Ambrozy

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