Which Olympic Event Is Winning on Social Media? (Infographic)

Posted on Jul 30 2012 - 10:46am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pradeep Yadav, a technology lover, analyzer and  love reporting about different technologies.

London is hosting the Olympics for the third time, making the UK capital a city hosting an event for the third time. The Olympic conversation looks like Athletes Basketball ceremony dream follow gold and London security sport summer team. Olympic is world’s famous gaming event, having vivid different audiences with different interests. 44% of the Auto Enthusiasts talking about the Olympic love that BMW is an official sponsor and 29% of the Fashionistas talking about the Olympics are debating whether or not they like Ralph Lauren’s Team USA uniforms and 23% of the Games talking about the Olympic say that Football is their favorite Olympic event and 15% of the Moms talking about the Olympic say that Gymnastics is their favorite events. Sounds interesting, even we to believe the same, to have more insights, check out the infographic prepared by fine folks at Networked Insights.

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