What, When And How Of Diigo? – Everything You Would Like To Know

Posted on Jun 28 2012 - 7:09am by CONTRIBUTOR

Editor’s Note: Guest Author Pradeep Yadav, a technology lover, analyzer and  love reporting about different technologies.

What is a Diigo?

Diigo is a free social bookmarking website which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages. This social bookmarking website does research and using tools to help share information and provide network to share and discover information.

What Does Diigo Do?

This bookmarking site allows you to take personal notes and highlights text information on web pages after that bookmark and save these notes and pages for further use, while adding tags to keep everything organized. After that you can share this information with friends when using tags, including cell phones with browsing capabilities.

Here I put up the breakthrough that lets you decide why Diigo is the best, among all the social bookmarking sites:

  • Highlighting: When you are reading an article or web page and find particular information worth nothing or pointing out, researching information, Diigo will let you highlights the main point for further use.
  • Saving pages is easier than ever, regardless of browser: Pleases see this picture and reading after that you have made any highlights or notes that you would like, after highlights and taking notes, Diigo will let you bookmark these information and save them. The Diigo toolbar has all the features you could want – bookmark, search, highlight, and organize all your Web pages right from the toolbar.
  • Functional commenting and real conversations: One of the good features of Diigo is that you can make comments right on the page that show up as speech bubbles. You can see (in the Firefox sidebar) who’s reading a page you’re on, who’s talking about it, and a real conversation can happen – unlike in Delicious, when all you can see is someone’s bookmarks.
  • Send bookmarks to Facebook or Twitter with one click: You can send a Diigo bookmark to Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, with one click. This is very simple trick first you want you send bookmarks to Facebook, you will install the Diigo Facebook app.
  • Sites Help You Find Deeper Cuts: There are plenty of websites that we loved but inspirit of making a huge collection of big number of site list, Diigo creates a watchlist, and even more whenever someone bookmarks a page from that site, and you see it. It’s a great way to find popular stuff in big, content-full sites that you might not notice otherwise.
  • Simultaneously bookmark things to Diigo and elsewhere – even Delicious: You can set up Diigo to simultaneously bookmark pages to Diigo and to your other service, using the “Save Elsewhere” feature. I like Diigo social bookmarking site plus with this I can use it to made backlinks, this site a superior site but for all four different services. Just enter your account info, and you can start bookmarking all over the Web, with one click.
  • Bookmark and search entire webpages: When you bookmark a page with Diigo, it bookmarks the entire page you were on, which has two great implications. You don’t have to perfectly tag everything because every word on every page you bookmark is totally searchable. Your bookmarks is live in Diigo, so if a site goes down or is unavailable, you can still find it in Diigo, as well as search and view it.
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