What To Look For In A Job Beyond The Salary

Posted on May 25 2015 - 7:01am by Alexandra Ashton

What do you look for in a job? For most people the answer is definitely money. But is there more to job than salary? If you could choose the perfect job what would be the first thing on the list? Would it be a dream salary or some other benefits? According to The Society for Human Resource Management (2014) 59% of U.S. workers think that opportunity for personal growth or advancement is an important job aspect. Would you be willing to accept job that has perfect salary but no opportunity to grow? There is a lot of things you need to consider when trying to make that choice and you need to look for more than paycheck. Of course that money is important and it is always better to have it as much as we can but a job can give us many other non – salary benefits that can matter even more.

Voluntary benefits like life insurance, disability provision, childcare, eldercare, and a 401(k) are all essential for the modern worker. This is why you need to ask potential employer what free benefits will be included on top of your salary. If these benefits are included in your job then that may compensate for the smaller salary. Great thing that some companies offer to their employers is wellness program. A good employer will invest in your wellbeing through subsidized gym memberships or employer-sponsored health programs. Ask potential employer if they provide fitness plans for their employers. All these benefits can be reason enough to choose that job instead of some other one that might be offering a higher salary without these benefits. Before you decide you need to carefully consider what is important to you and what do you expect in this job. In this great infographic find out more benefits you need to look for in a job.
Learn what benefits you should look for in a job.

Source: Accounting Principals

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