What To Do When He Proposes

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Relationships can be tricky things. They never stand still. Like us, relationships need to develop, change, and move forward to survive. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, chances are, it’s already time for a shake up.

You don’t have to catch him shopping for diamond engagement rings to know that he’s ready to take the relationship to a more committed level. You may both have been talking about your futures together. Most millennials have a pretty focused idea on what their future should be like. More than often, it doesn’t include a specific life partner.

So when he proposes, what do you do? Chances are, you’re not surprised by it. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to say yes. Even if your relationship has been exclusive for a long time, marriage could be the thing that eliminates your options to move on. But marriage could also be quite advantageous for you both. Even if you live together already, being married has other benefits you may not yet have thought of.

Marriage means you are treated as a next of kin. In many situations, that can be essential. For example, if you are to have any say in your partner’s care or arrangements should he pass on later in life. And if you want to have children, changing your names so you all share the same surname can reduce confusion. It helps to avoid administrative mistakes occurring as your child grows up too.

If you are married, you are also more financially secure. Your husband cannot take on loans and debts without your signature too. Of course, it works the other way around too. However, you can still keep a bank account that he doesn’t have access to. And your ISA savings are your own too. Often, there are tax incentives for being legally married. You may not have to pay as much tax.

Many millennials are concerned about the cost of a wedding if they agree to marry. A big wedding is indeed beyond the wallets of most of us. However, there is no need to have the big party in the grounds of a fancy castle. The venue is what costs most of the money. Legally marrying in a quiet ceremony at your local registry office costs very little. See how much your local office charges. You can always have a big wedding celebration later to renew your vows when you have the money.

If you think you are ready to say you want to be with your partner forever, why not consider saying yes when he pops on the ring? A diamond ring represents his unbreakable love for you that will last an eternity. His proposal asks if you feel the same. If you love him, it could be an exciting development in your relationship.

When your man proposes, it’s natural to feel lots of conflicting emotions all at once. Remember, you don’t have to give an answer straight away. And not being 100% sure at that moment doesn’t mean it’s not right. Take a deep breath, and imaging your life in his arms forever. What do you say?

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