What Makes an Epic Road Trip? (Infograhic)

Posted on Sep 2 2013 - 2:05pm by Rachel MacDonald

The Trans-Siberian Highway, Route 66, and the Trans-Canada Highway are all top destinations for those seeking their open road kicks. When it comes to road trips of epic proportions, however, it’s hard to beat Australia. This massive country is a continent in its own right, from its remote deserts to its sprawling metropolises. In terms of diversity, size, and wildlife, there’s no shortage of sights to see and terrain to explore.

Journalist FeannTorr decided to hop in a Mazda 6 wagon and drive the 4547 kilometres from Brisbane to Perth. Rather than taking his sweet time to stop along the way, he sped alongfrom the western coast to Australia’s east coast in a mere five days. The journey is detailed in this Infographic from motoring.com.au, which shares just how many cans of cola he drank (22) and how many times he listened to the same CD along the way (57).

The graphic also contains interesting stats that show how traveling in the Mazda 6 compares to traveling in other popular road tripstation wagons. The Mazda holds 451 litres of boot space, for example, compared to the impressive 1005 litres of a Ford Mondeo sports wagon or 588 litres of the Volkswagen Passat. In terms of the Mazda’s fuel economy, Torr was able to make it across the nation spending $520 on 312 litres of diesel. It only took 8 fuel stops in total along the way. The new Mazda 6 held up well in comparison to its older model, which was slower and lighter in weight. Despite being heavier, the new model is more efficient and ranks highly in the safety department.

Yet the journey’s not only about the car, naturally. Landmarks, meals, and even the number and type of roadkill are all documented to piece together this whirlwind ride across Australia. From supersized landmarks to supersized cola consumption, this trip has it all. Looking at statistics like these is interesting when planning your own epic road trip, whether it’s across the Outback or just to your neighbouring town for the weekend.

What Makes an Epic Road Trip (Infograhic)

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