What It Takes To Build A Google Campaign From Scratch?

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 3:30pm by Editorial Staff
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One of the most important parts of an ad campaign on Google is the keywords that you use. You have to use the right keywords to reach out to your market and ultimately the top one or two words that you choose can make or break your campaign.

AdWords displays sponsored and unpaid listings side by side. The great advantage of this is that you get linked to the people who are already searching for what you are offering. You just need to get the right keywords- the ones they are searching for, to connect with them. You have to describe what you are promoting clearly in your campaign and also define your ideal customer. Here’s how:

  1. Describe your ideal customer: usually these should be people who may not have heard about your brand but do know about the product you are selling. Usually they need something which they are looking for online. Keeping this in mind, you can go ahead and look for your keyword.
  2. Use Google’s Keywords tool to identify phrases that jibe with the mindset of your potential customers. Google then gives you a list of keywords. You can then go through it and select the ones that fit your description of the ideal customer. You may end up with just a few keywords, but that is fine.
  3. Next, what you can do is use the keywords again in the Keyword tool to get further variations. You may find a few more keywords that suit your description. But when you finally decide your top keywords, keep in mind the search volume that you want.
  4. Finally you have to determine how much money advertisers make out of each keyword. You’re looking for the ones that generate the most. The maximum cost people pay per click represents the upper limit of this in the market. Google’s traffic estimator can help you find this information. You can gather as many keywords as you want and then make comparisons to determine the best for you. If you have 6-12 tightly matched keywords, you’re good, but it is always better to have one keyword which is right on the money.

It’s not a one step process. The idea is to refine your campaign every few days to maximize the traffic your ad gets.

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