Website-Monitoring: Google+ Two-Thirds Users Are Men

Posted on Feb 15 2012 - 5:22am by Editorial Staff

According to NetworkWorld report citing research by, Google+ two-thirds users are men, which in contrast with Facebook are complete opposite, where a majority of users are women, where 55% of users in the U.S. are female.

Konrad Caban, the manager director for parent company Siteimpulse, speculates, “More men use Google+ because it is seen as more of an extension of other Google services such as Android and Gmail and is not as well-known for being a social hangout as Facebook.”

“Interesting” Findings:

  • Students are by far the most popular occupation for Google+ users, accounting for just over 20% those sampled. Other popular professions for Google+ users included software engineers (2.65%), consultants (1.99%) and managers (1.72%).
  • The United States and India are the two countries with the most Google+ users, as the U.S. accounts for 31.5% while India accounts for 13.7%. The Indian city of Bangalore has the most Google+ users of any individual city, accounting for 3.86% of all Google+ users.
  • A 42% plurality of Google+ users are single, while 27.45% are married and 19.3% are in a relationship. Just 4.4% of Google+ users list themselves as engaged, little more than the 3.4% of users who list “it’s complicated” as their relationship status.
  • Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg and Google CEO Larry Page are the three most popular individuals on Google+ in terms of total numbers of followers. The three most popular brands on Google+ are H&M, Samsung USA and Pepsi, while the three most popular media pages on the site are ESPN, BBC News and Mashable.

The search engine giant’s last year inspection says that it has about 90 million users who have joined Google+ and with the current (above) reported growth has been impressive – while on the other side if we see Facebook owes about 845 million users. Google is keeping on trying its level best with regularly adding on additional features to its social network Google+.

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