Which Website Builder Should I Choose?

Posted on Mar 7 2016 - 3:45pm by Editorial Staff


The Internet is ripe with articles and videos about how easy it is build your website and attract traffic to it, increase your sales and revenue and many other things. There are also articles on how to build these websites, step by step, incorporating newest styles, fonts and incorporating social media. But for a newbie who has recently joined this online frenzy, all these articles and videos are just the reason for more confusion. The very first step of building the site is shaky ground for a newbie. So, here, this post will help you decide, from the large variety of website builders out there, which one you should choose and use.

First of all, you should know why you are using a website builder in first place. A website is not a picture. What you see on your computer or mobile phone is the sense that your computer is making of the hundreds and thousands of programming language code that have gone into the site. So, if you would like a build a site and maintain it, then you need to learn programming in first place.  Website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Web.com, eHost etc. completely eliminate the need for writing this code and let you simply drag and drop bits of the site like pictures, videos, text, font, colours etc. where you want them. In short, they are saving you years of mastering a programming language and putting it to use.

This is done by offering you a basic theme / template that you can start with and modify for your own use. Weebly offers you 100 odd templates to choose from, whereas Network Solutions (NS) has double the number of templates. If this seems like a small number to you would like to visit eHost for their 2000+ template offerings or go to Web.com for they offer more than 9000 of templates. You could be a blogger or builder, plumber or an art director, there is always something available for you to get started. If your schedule does not permit you to sit down and work on the site yourself, websites like Web.com can do it for you. Those who like to build things for themselves can read along to know what website builders have to offer.

Once your template is set and you have begun working on your design, you will need photos to make your site attractive. Builders like Wix, Weebly etc. offer free stock photos that you can use. Additionally, if you choose to use your own photos, all builders give you options to crop, edit and improve your photos for public use. eHost and NS are among few builders that let you include audio and videos into the site.

Riding on the back of the logistics services, the e-commerce industry is booming. Users intending to increase their sales through the ecommerce channel can also choose from ecommerce templates that are available on most of these sites. Additionally, these sites also handle payments via PayPal while some like Web.com and Weebly can help you with the shipping of the products.

Once your website is up and ready, most of the website builders also offer you web hosting solutions themselves or through a reputed hosting service provider. Hosting costs vary as per space your website takes and the bandwidth allocated to it. But most often than not, these technical details are bundled with a monthly fee that is as little as a cup of coffee and more or less uniform among providers. The best part about these builders is that if you are stuck, help is available over user forums, pre made tutorials, email, chat support and even toll free support.

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