Web Design Trends To Follow In 2017 – The ‘Must’ Guide

Posted on May 29 2017 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

The web is anything but stagnant, this ever evolving, ever interactive and changing medium is dynamic and you cannot treat it the same way you did the previous year.  This changing landscape requires new and innovative design ideas that are fresh, interactive, and add a new dimension to the already existing space.

End of an era

With a year gone by that explored the more traditional approach to design its time to revolt and break free and move in the other direction. This year its all about the experience the site is providing to your audience. So while last year we were busy trying to make tech look good to the audience this time it’s the overall experience of being on the site that is really going to be in focus. So think bigger, integrated and different.  For example, tools like the Artificial Design Intelligence provided by Wix.com are a great way to integrate a site with the experience of your viewer or audience. Using a website builder can allow you to make smart choices about layout, detailing and other design options that will add value to the site.

Experimenting with colour

Colour can add a new definition to sites. While simple and tasteful is what dominates the design scene; bold colour that adds a pop to the screen are also trending among many templates and designs. This year is being called the “year of funk”, which is why bright bold gradients are making a comeback. But while trends are good to keep in mind, it is also important to know what the client wants and what the audience prefers.

There is also the emergence of dual colour that pop against each other as well as a colour gradient. There are some pretty amazing templates at the WIX that have a great colour palate to choose from. Simple yet sophisticated without seeming too much that is exactly what you want to go for this year.

Cinemagraphs and other animation

Keeping true to the theme of breaking from tradition, is Cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are really awesome GIFS that are of high quality and add an aesthetic value to the site or the page. Cinemagraphs have recently gained attention for its visually striking features that draw in the attention of the viewer. These Cinemagraphs add a good fluidity to the page as opposed to the traditional slide shows of pictures that seem very outdated this year. Adding a simple Cinemagraphs to a simple home page will surely make people talk.

Animation is also a great way to add fluidity to the page. 2017 seems to be the year of animation and adding dynamic elements to the site, adding richness to the viewer experience. Don’t be afraid to dive into some retro styled animation, this year is also about keeping it eclectic.  

The Minimalist look

Unlike the traditional design where viewers are hit with the home page, it is the year for simplistic cards, minimalist wording or just bold lettering on the home page. Colour can also work in the grand scheme of things, but minimalism is 2017, as far as designing is concerned. Sticking with themes that are clean, crisp and draw the eye to the product is the way to go.

This also holds good for the texts, which are bold, simple and straight forward, avoiding the detailing as much as possible. A modern, minimalist, uncluttered way of presenting information is what we are aiming for and you will find great examples of these at WIX. The templates are crisp and clean keeping true to the minimalist design. WIX offers a great combination of templates that keep in mind the current trends of the year, making life much simpler.

Illustrations and drawings

With the minimalist look this year, ditching the large unnecessary imagery is perhaps the best thing to do. 2017 is the year for illustrations that are simple, flat and minimalist. Illustrations have a personality of their own and add a certain definition to the site, giving it a rather charming edge, without taking too much attention.  Flat drawings, with accents of ink are what are surfacing on many sites and are great to add a customised touch to the site.

Opening door to communication

Audiences and viewers world over are not shy to engage with companies, product supervisors and the staff, and opening those doors seems to be working in the favour of the company as well. This year is also about conversation interphases that are taking over the internet. Companies are now thinking of different ways to reach potential customer and talk to existing ones. A fun integration into design will keep your site looking modern as well as relevant.

Integration of tech and design

Today, a visit to a website is no longer just about page views and the clicks that are linked outward, but about what exactly the viewer is viewing on the site. Likes, clicks, scrolls, movement on a page is read as a micro interaction which forms a great feedback on user experience.

A great example of the integration is the WIX templates that have a great way of integrating tech and design. Clean and simple, their ADI is great to create a feedback mechanism to read into what your viewers prefer.

There you have it, what in our opinion is the trend in designing for 2017. So don’t waste time and start building your site with WIX, you will love the designs and the freedom it offers.

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