Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bills

Posted on Nov 26 2013 - 10:34am by Victoria Heckstall

Phone Bills

Monthly phones bills can get out of control when you have to add on different features, make international calls, send text messages and need unlimited amount of minutes.  The good news is that there are options for people who want these features but need to save money on their bills. Let’s show you how you get more for your buck and not sacrifice the features you want.

Let Skype Be Your Source of Communication

With smartphones being more popular than ever, users have apps like Skype that can help them communicate for low prices and even free. Skype is an app that can be downloaded on Android and Apple smartphones as well as on your computer, laptop and tablet. Skype allows you to make phone calls to other Skype users for free or you are able to purchase a phone number and be able to call any landline or mobile for free.

Skype also has a video-calling feature that you can use when you and the other Skype user have a webcam. This feature allows you to get face time with your loved ones when you can’t be there in person.

Cut Extra Fee’s When Traveling Internationally

When you are looking for a way to call your friends and family but don’t want to spend money on making international and long distance calls, then KNCTR is the option for you. This program can be downloaded on your Window based laptop or computer. The creators of this program have made it easy to call while you’re traveling. You will only need an Internet connection to make a call back home to the USA and Canada.

Use The Same Phone Plan As Family & Friends

There are some phone services plans like Verizon Wireless that gives their customers the feature to have unlimited calls when you call other Verizon customers.  This is a great feature that can help you and your friends and family to save money and talk as much as you like.

Don’t Pay For Text Messaging Services

Text messaging plans can get expensive but you have other options. There are several different apps that you can use to text message for free. You will only need to have a Wi-Fi connection to use the apps. A few of the apps that can be used are TextMe, TextFree and HeyWire. You can also use Skype to make text messages to other Skype users, as well.

Combine Your Family Members Plans

Family plans are a great way to save money on your bill. It’s becoming more and more common for parents to give their preteen and teenagers cellphones to be able to keep in contact with them. When your family has multiple different plans, your bill can be very high. Try combining your bills into a family plan. On a family plan, all of your family members will keep their own phone numbers but you will share your minutes, texts and Internet connection amount. This type of might save you and your family hundreds of dollars every month.

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