Ways To Protect Your Mac From Malware: 12 Great Malware Scanners That You Must Use

Posted on Jun 27 2012 - 7:14am by Editorial Staff

Apple recently has introduced its whole new lineup of impressive Macs, but what to figure out here is security, how, when and in what way do we will be able to keep our all these devices secure. The more the number of people take a move towards the products, the more are the chances of lacking the security. The security is something on which you are we live our whole day then whether it is in our real life or on the systems we are working.

The idea of writing this article is to talk about in what ways you do keep your Macs or other Apple products secure. It often even sounds insane, thinking over the edge that what you actually are proposing of, not happened or implemented properly, resulting in harming you and your system that you love, but still we have gathered some few basic simple tips and updates that we believe will help you out to keep your Mac secure.

Now, the though comes your mind what we are going to talk about, yes, we know that we already told you it is about Mac security, but what all are there that constitutes towards it, it is the lack of attention sometimes that you not give and forget or pass on the operating system updates, apps gets updated from time-to-time with newer version comes in the market, but because of not knowing, you keep on running the older versions and over the top, you know antivirus protection is necessary, but often happens even after subscription is over, you continue with the old version.

Discussing the first fact, what the malware actually do? It may sounds technical to you but, this is what the way all this thing happens, the time you seen the “Apple Security Center” website, and clicked on the “Remove All” button, you might notice that, the site quietly downloading an installer file for malware that runs locally on your system, resulting in distributing the program in several forms and had even taken the names “Mac Defender,” “Mac Security,” and “Mac Protector.” Once installed, will run in the background and will launch the unwanted websites. Well, this is one such example, there are 100s more.


The best thing and totally on your own understanding, if you still not had opened up the link, then luckily you are saved, and you can simply delete the downloaded files, but if you have opened the downloaded files and you are going through the unwanted behaviour, then its time to start working in removing the program. Remember, the program may even harm your computer, but that totally depend on how much it is variant in nature. And, even also if you have just only visited that site and have not downloaded any files, then you go and sit relax, you need not to do anything.


You do know that we are living in the world where we have got solutions for every other problem. Similarly, if you are Mac getting trouble, then you do follow the suit and can install the malware scanners. There are plenty of scanners there but all you need is the best one. Buying a cheap one does not help you most of the time, but going for an efficient one, will help you out and protect your system more wisely.

MacScan – Distributed by the “SecureMac” developers which run the SecureMac.com blog on Mac malware and other security threats.

Intego VirusBarrier – A good Mac antivirus utility.

Avast – This is a commercial antivirus suite that has been developed for OS X, and is a reputable option for Windows as well.

MacKeeper – This is a maintenance and OS tweaking tool that uses the Avira antivirus engine.

Kapersky – Kapersky has an option for OS X users. Some virtualization programs for OS X ship with trials of Kapersky antivirus.

iAntivirus – This is a free Mac-specific virus scanner for OS X users.

McAfee VirusScan – McAfee’s VirusScan developed from the original “Virex” for Mac.

Sophos Antivirus (Mac Home edition) – This will offers you free “Home” version available for Mac users.

ClamXav – This is a popular and free open-source antivirus scanner.

VirusBarrier X6 – This is great Mac antivirus software, and costs $49.95 for one year and two devices worth of protection.

Norton Antivirus 12 for Mac – It provides you one-year protection for $49.99.

McAfee Internet Security software – It will protects one Mac for one year at a cost of $79.99

So, the rest is up to you. What measures do you take to ensure you and your computer are protected?

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