Ways To Improve Your Business Reputation

Posted on Aug 21 2013 - 9:59am by Siobhan McBride


In a time where your biggest business competitor is only a click away, having a fantastic reputation for your products and services is vital. If you are looking to improve how your business is regarded by customers, here are 10 simple ways to improve your company reputation fast:

Put the customer first

Firstly, learn how to put your customer first – throughout your organisation. If you can master giving your customers a fantastic experience each and every time, your business reputation will naturally flourish. Remind your staff that, ultimately, it is the customer that pays their wages. Customers, both old and new, should always be treated with the upmost respect, gratitude and compassion.

Listen to reviews

With the importance of your customers in mind, make the most of their feedback. Your clients will know exactly what you are doing right and wrong, and can provide crucial insight into how you can improve. You may find that customers are already talking about you online, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask for their opinions!

Have a great online presence

Your business reputation can live or die online. It’s never been easier for customers and clients to spread the word to friends, family, colleagues and connections. To ensure your online presence is a positive one, it’s important to be in control of your website and social media. Respond to what people are saying about you and get involved in the conversation.

Check value for money

Standing out from the crowd means offering something that competitors aren’t. Unbeatable prices may be attractive, but what is more important is value for money. If you can’t beat other retailers or service providers, think about what added value you can offer for the sales point you can afford. Added value may come in the form of improved customer experience or guarantees.

Invest in training

There are many ways to improve your business reputation without spending a penny, but investing in effective training will prove invaluable. Customer service training will benefit any organisation whilst niche programmes to consider include: telesales, management and marketing training.

Encourage word-of-mouth

When you’ve already got a great business reputation, the only way to really improve is to spread the word further afield! Your customers will be your biggest advocates, so encourage them to tell people about you (online and off) – incentives and offers for securing new customers is a nice way to do this.


Build your reputation through association. Networking will connect you with other industry members who can help you progress.

Be eco-friendly

Being environmentally friendly is no longer a fad. Showing your customers you have an eco-conscious is a real selling point. Switching to a greener way of working doesn’t have to be expensive either. Try recycling or swapping energy providers.

Treasure your employees

Finally, don’t forget about the in-company reputation you have. The way you treat your staff will be reflected in the way your company performs. When employees are saying good things about the business they’re more likely to worker harder for you and with a passion that will increase profits.

Improve logistics

How are your logistic systems performing? Can you rely on your manufacturers, courier services and retailers? If your outsourced staff are delaying the delivery of your goods your whole business reputation may be lacking.

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