Ways By Which You Can Use QR Codes For Business (Case Study)

Posted on Feb 16 2013 - 3:01pm by Editorial Staff
QR Code

QR Code

A quick response or QR code is a square or two-dimensional bar code. Customers can then scan these with their mobile phone. The QR code then connects the customer to a website or a video that gives them more information about the product. As the technology gains popularity, more consumers are scanning these QR codes. Websites like QRstuff.com and Delivr.com are making it easy for even small businesses to use these QR codes for free. Entrepreneurs have now put these QR codes to use in very innovative ways. Here are a few that may give you an idea as to how to use them for your business:

  1. Webimax, a search engine optimization firm, used its first quick response code on a banner. Impressed with the response that they got, they went one step further and refined it so that it could track the people who visited the website from their seminars, trade shows, marketing products etc. They also embedded their email within the QR code so that customers were directly connected to their sales department.
  2. LJS&S Publishing firm began putting their QR codes on mugs, t-shirts, posters, etc with the launch of each new book. Recently, they got creative- they added an image from the cover of the book to the centre of the QR code so that it doubled as a graphic illustration also.
  3. Mike the Gardener Enterprises used their QR code on bumper stickers for cars. The code linked to a video called “Seeds of the Month” posted by them on YouTube. They then offered the sticker to their fans on Facebook for free and since then the video has steadily become more popular, as has their Facebook page.
  4. Venissimo Cheese uses their QR code so that customers are quickly linked to their Facebook page. Customers can also access their company newsletter and follow the individual store on Twitter through the QR code. It is such a helpful tool that the owner has since made approximately a hundred new contacts to the customer database through these codes.
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