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Posted on Oct 3 2015 - 9:03am by Editorial Staff


For some, watches are simply instruments that can be used to tell the time and enact a daily schedule. Others may even have discarded them altogether, as smartphones have emerged as a primary method for checking the time and planning daily activities.

Fortunately, there are those that still value the heritage of watches and the influence that they have as style icons. For these individuals, the watch is far more than a mere timepiece, and in fact retains core value as a stylish accessory that can augment a specific look.

How to Create a Suitable and Purposeful Watch Collection

If you have a passion for watches and remain keen to create a collection that suits your evolutionary style, the first thing to consider is the need for diversity. This may require you to invest in timepieces from different brands, although you could also develop an affinity with a watch designer that continues to innovate while catering for multiple fashion needs. Take the Casio watch collection, for example, which has evolved considerably over time and will introduce its first smart watch in the spring of 2016.


It is also important to distinguish between functional and iconic watches, as each has their own purpose, cost and sense of importance. While there are watches thatremain suitable for marking the milestones in your life and celebrating special occasions, for example, there are others that can be used on an everyday basis. Making this distinction is crucial to developing a viable collection, and one that remains cost-effective while offering considerable value for money.

Understand your unique sense of Style


According to statistics from eBay, a watch is sold every five seconds. This translates into 6.8 million units sold each year, and underlines the demand that exists for a diverse range of watches. Understanding this is important, as it helps you to remain patient while comparing the market for products that suit your individual sense of style. There is a huge range of watches out there, and it is your duty to find the models most suited to each individual need or outfit.

Above all else, do not be afraid to be bold and continually diversify your personal watch collection. This not only ensures that you maintain a selection of watches that are indicative of your fashion sense and personality, but it also creates a collection that is fashionable, functional and most importantly on trend.

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