Want To Create a Successful Architectural Presentation? Use 3D Full Suites

Posted on Jul 29 2013 - 5:11pm by Albert Smith

Are you a 3D artist? And you are looking for a list of 3D software applications to make your project but do not know where to find them. Do not worry. There is a wide array of 3D software applications to choose from. Let us find out the best of the software applications to make your project look lifelike.

Autodesk Maya

Maya is the leading industry in manufacturing software package for three-dimensional animation and features an extensive modelling, animation and dynamics toolsets. In order to offer a photo-realistic rendition, Mental Ray is paired with this software application. This photo-realistic rendering can be customised and expanded through the third party plug-ins formulated in Maya Embedded Language.

When it comes to creating visual effects and making films, Maya becomes the top choice for three artists. At the same time, you will find it hard getting a better solution for character animation rather than Maya.

If you are interested to learn the skills of Maya, you will have no problem learning them. This is because Maya offers a large number of training materials for the learners.

If you are intending to make architectural designs, you can use different products of Autodesk software. This software includes Autodesk Building Design Suite, Autodesk infrastructure Suite and Autodesk Plant Design suite.

The applications of these software packages

All three of the above mentioned software packages are BIM products. These products enable the 3D artists to work collaboratively on infrastructure, building and plant projects with a model formulated from structured and consistent design information. With the help of these applications, artists can make decisions, better documentations, and the assessment of alternatives for improvements and sustainable designs before the construction takes place.

Whereas Autodesk Building Design Suite is concerned, it includes building information modelling and Computer Aided Design tools. This helps you design, envision and model your building designs with efficiency.

Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite has a list of tools to design, plan, build and handle usefulness and civil infrastructure.

Autodesk 3ds Max

What Maya does for film and visual effects 3ds max does for the gaming industry. The animation toolset of this software application is not as advanced as Maya’s but it can correct any defects with the high-end modelling and texture tools. Game development houses prefer this tool. At the same time, architectural visualisation firms use nothing but this tool. When it comes to rendering, most max users pair Mental Ray with 3Ds Max. But, architectural visualisation firms prefer to use V-Ray because of its lighting and material tools.

The application of 3Ds max

This software offers the best opportunities to create quality three-dimensional animation. Alongside, this enables motion graphic artists to create better three dimensional content in less time.

Autodesk Softimage: This software package has a number of effective visual effects and game developing toolset. Excellent animation tools and facial rigging are the best characteristics of this software application.

Luxology Modo: It is a complete development suite. It boasts texture painting and integrated sculpting toolset. So far its utility is concerned, it becomes one of the fastest modelling toolsets.  It has improved the rendering and animation techniques a lot over the decades which makes this software a low cost solution for architectural visualisation, product design and commercial advertising.

Side Effects Houdini: This software package is the sole three dimensional suite for procedural development. It enables fluid and particle dynamics simulations. Simultaneously, it is a popular visual-effects software which allows for rapid prototyping. You can re-use procedural instructions and you can port this to other projects or scenes when needed.

If you want to create a successful architectural presentation, these software applications prove to be the best. Use them and bring life to your project.

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