So You Want To Be A Lawyer? Helpful Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Posted on Jan 5 2017 - 3:35pm by Editorial Staff

Working in law isn’t a joke of a job that can be achieved within a couple of weeks. The law is an extremely complex subject and even lawyers that have been in the business for decades can only specialise in certain fields—they can’t tackle every and any case that’s given to them. There are criminal defence lawyers, civil litigation lawyers and copyright lawyers, to name some examples.

Whether you want to work as a legal secretary or you want to defend people who are in abusive relationships, there are some qualities that every successful lawyer has. To help you out with your journey, here are some essential tips.

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Research and Analysis Skills

A lawyer needs to be able to read between the lines in every conversation that they hear. They need to understand motives, they need to study hard and they need to have a great attention to detail. With practice, a lawyer will be able to notice trends in how people act or speak and they can use it to their advantage when in court or when scouring for evidence.


Being well-educated doesn’t mean you need decades of experience in law school or a degree in astrophysics. You can get a coach for lawyers and still be equally as qualified as someone that spent several years at a law school because the only thing that matters if how well-versed you are with the law. But knowledge isn’t everything. Applying the law in practical situations and being exposed to all the different situations you can get into is far more important than being able to recite an entire legal encyclopaedia.

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If you’ve ever wondered why there are lawyers that protect homicidal people or serial killers, then you need to understand that they are passionate and believe that everyone, regardless of social status or current situation, is entitled to a lawyer that represents their defence. Lawyers pour their heart and soul into finding proof, evidence and fallacies that support the claims of their client. Naturally, there are times when things are looking bleak, but a successful lawyer will never give up.

Passion is one of the reasons why a lawyer will specialise in a specific field. For example, a lawyer that has experienced physical abuse from their partner or personally knows someone that has will have a tendency to protect others who are in similar situations. They have the ability to channel their passion and turn it into a masterful understanding of the law which helps them win cases.


The better dressed a lawyer is, the more likely they’ll be able to grab clients and the more trustworthy they look. Lawyers are well dressed because it radiates an air of professionalism. They want their clients to feel like they are in safe and professional hands, and one of the best ways to do this is to be presentable.

Make sure you clean up your hair, buy a couple of nice suits and practice good manners when speaking to clients and handling cases. A rowdy lawyer won’t attract serious clients, and if you have no clients then you’re not getting money.

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