Walking Holidays: Bucket List Destinations In The UK

Posted on Sep 25 2013 - 10:44am by Anisha

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If you want a fun way to get yourself to explore the great outdoors, or a break away from the office computer, a walking holiday could be just the ticket. Part of the walking holiday problem is picking the right place to go. Here is a list of places that should be on your walking holiday bucket list and that might help you to narrow down where your next or first one should be.

For the Short Breaker

If you haven’t got much time on your hands and you really want to get away for a weekend these are the ones you should put onto your bucket list, with walking times in the region of two days you will get yourself some well-deserved fresh air and some time away from the computer.

1. Whitby to Scarborough: Cleveland Way

This holiday can either be a one or two day walk, which is perfect for people who don’t have much time on their hands.
For those who only have a day to spare, there are a number of short walks and trails that you can go on whilst you are there.

The views are equally as beautiful as those from the longer walk and will allow you to take in what Yorkshire has to offer. The shorter routes are between 4.8 and 11 miles long, all with different terrain and difficulty levels. For those who choose the longer duration, walking starts at Helmsley with the first coastline stop being at Saltburn, continuing along the coastline down to Scarborough.

From Saltburn onwards, the views are absolutely stunning, with scenes from the north Yorkshire coastline putting on a great show for those who stop to observe.

2. The Peak District: The Dark Peaks

Although this one is also suitable for people who want to go for longer breaks, when you are going on shorter ones, you want to see the places that will take your breath away, fairly quickly. The Dark Peak, in the peak district offers two different walking trails and a star-gazing experience for those of you who occasionally look up.

The Kinder Scout trail is 7.5 miles long and has various different points of interest, from the inspiring rocks that have been carved out of ice, water and wind over the centuries to the plants and wildlife. The Derwent Valley is a shorter route, only 4 miles in length and takes around an hour and 20 minutes to complete.

The terrain on this walk changes from rough walks through fields to woodland paths and roads. Derwent village was flooded in the Second World War and only two buildings remain. The trail also has a Bronze Age burial mound, loads of wildlife and interesting trees and plants to look at. It’s definitely worth a visit.

For the Long Tripper

If you have a week to spare or just need a long getaway a walking holiday can be the perfect time to clear your mind. Here are some of the routes that you can do that will take a little longer and allow you to enjoy all your surroundings at the same time. Sounds like a rewarding holiday to me!

1. Cornwall: Penzance To The Lizard Peninsula

Cornwall is the southernmost part of Britain and this walk, like many of the others, boasts some astoundingly striking views. This walk starts off at Penzance, a small but busy town with a promenade and views to St Micheal’s Mount. The following 5 days consist of walking at various different lengths, varying from 3.7 miles to 10.9 miles on different types of terrain, including walks across the cliff tops. This trail showcases various different landscapes ranging from dramatic cliff scenes to picturesque villages. There are plenty of sights to soak in, so don’t forget your camera!

2.Mourne Mountains

The Morne Mountains are a mountain range that can be found in Northern Ireland. Anyone who is new to this area will be amazed at the amount of different landscapes there are in such a small area. The area is divided into two sections the Eastern Morne, also known as the High Morne and the Western Morne, also known as the Low Morne.

There are various different walks for you to take part in ranging from short walks that are between 1.3 miles and 5 miles long to long walks that can be up to 26 miles long. All of these have different sights to see and range from mountain terrain to hills and grasslands. With 31 different trials to pick from you will be spoilt for choice – perhaps you could start with the easier ones and challenge yourself to a harder one towards the end of your trip.

Don’t forget to take a walk along the Silent Valley Nature Trail – it’s fairly flat terrain but  if you are looking for a simple and scenic walk along the Riverside, it won’t disappoint.

3.The Causeway Coast Way

This walking route is 33 miles long and is one of the finest coastal walks that you can take in Ireland. This route passes through some well known landmarks such as the Giant’s Causeway.

There are a few places that you should visit when you go on this holiday such as the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge, which was built so the fishermen could check their salmon nets safely, and Rathlin Island, the island is only populated by 82 residents and is most famous for its bird life, seal colonies and spectacular coastal views.

The Causeway Coast Way is a two day walk along the coastline has plenty of things to look at from the historic and natural landmarks to the beaches and high cliffs. This walking route passes through areas of open land and near to tidal zones – providing some excellent snaps for your camera and moments to keep hold of for a lifetime.

There are plenty more routes out there for you to explore and loads of different websites and guided (or self-guided) tour operators that would be happy to help you to start ticking off these beautiful walking holidays from your bucket list of destinations.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Neil Turner

For the Short Breaker

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