Values Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

Posted on May 9 2017 - 2:54pm by Editorial Staff

There is a thought that niggles away at the very farthest part of every parent’s brain, like woodworm, one that makes us hope we’re doing a good job with our kids. That’s the bottom line of every parent’s wish, desire, and effort. We want to give them the best upbringing to help them flourish as adults. It’s just an almost impossible job to know what values we should be prioritizing. We’re all survivors of our childhood, but how to make our kids thrive?

Well, here is a list of the values we believe every parent should instill in their kids. Hopefully, you agree:


At the very core of all things good is respect. It is such a powerful human trait to have and hold because so many other good character traits can blossom from just this one. In our humble opinion, respect is the most overarching quality from which a kid can grow into a beautiful adult. Respect for authority brings about obedience. Kindness comes from respecting others, and self-worth and self-love come from respecting yourself. Where there is a lack of respect, that is where things like bullying, teasing, and laziness has room to grow.

Manners Maketh Miracles

Teaching kids about manners is a great way to teach them about being reasonable and thoughtful people. Yes, manners include things like table manners, but holding a door open for someone else, considering the person you are speaking to, using the words please and thank you; all of these simple acts encourage consideration for others, which is something that is closely linked to a higher IQ.

Responsibility Weighs Heavy On A Person

This one has to be one of the hardest values to teach and to learn but that only adds to the importance of it. If you are always there to bail them out and defend them no matter how deplorable, then they will never learn the importance of responsibility, which tends to be the catalyst to tragic results. It could be teaching them something as simple as being responsible behind the wheel that could save them from a wrongful death scenario. It could be responsibility with their work ethic that helps them hold a steady job or responsibility with sexual partners that prevents an unplanned pregnancy. Yes, these are all severe scenarios, but they are very real ones too.

Internal Qualities Matters Most

This is a vital life lesson to teach your child because it is the one that can have the most impact on them as an adult. Someone who is a quality human being on the inside will always surpass those who produce quality performances. It will help them with friendships, it will help them on teams, in sports and it will help them in the workplace. The latter is of special importance. You see, skills can always be taught to people, but a personality cannot. You know this, and so do employers, so help your kid understand how being a quality human can be the secret ingredient to success.

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