Using Your Voice To Make A Living

Posted on Jul 21 2017 - 7:01pm by Editorial Staff

When the idea of using your voice to make a living is introduced to you, you probably immediately think about singing. Did you know, that there are different jobs that you could use your voice for that doesn’t necessarily involve singing? If you’re looking for a career change, then this could be a way forward for you.


Let’s start with the obvious one. If you can sing (and sing well), then why not pursue this as a career? We’ve all seen how much celebrities that can sing make on a yearly basis, so why shouldn’t that be you too? You could start local and sing in pubs and clubs, enter singing competitions and even tour around your country.

A good way to get yourself noticed as a singer is through the power of YouTube and other forms of social media. Upload a video of yourself singing either a well known song, or one of your own and share it. Look at Justin Bieber and how he has risen to fame.

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Radio Presenter

Presenting your own radio show can be an amazing career to pursue. If you gain fans of your show this could lead onto invites to bigger events, and not just in the radio industry. Look at Chris Evans, for example, he’s made it onto TV shows, chat shows and more. Having an interesting voice and an easily recognizable voice will certainly go in your favor in this industry.

If you’re not sure on how you could become a radio presenter, why not apply for smaller jobs within the industry and work your way up? Host your own podcasts and use that as a portfolio when applying for the positions. You might start as a news reporter, and then eventually have the opportunity to host the show.

Telephone Work

Whether it be telesales or a phone answering service, working on the telephone can be an exciting job. You get to speak to new people every day, and if you love to talk this would be the perfect job for you.

Another bonus of working on telephones is that you often get the chance to help people and solve their problems. Think about when you phone your utility company, you’re normally calling them because you have a problem that needs solving. Being that person can be rewarding.

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Voice Over Work

Like with radio presenting, having an interesting and unusual voice will work in your advantage. You could record storybooks, voice over for television programmes or even use your voice for recorded messages on phone lines. Take a look at how you can become a voice over artist.

You could also sign yourself up to sites like Upwork that are constantly looking for voice over work. All you would have to do is complete your profile and when someone is interested in hiring you, be ready to show off your voice. Freelance work can be highly paid.

Make A Difference

Finally, a bit of an unexpected way of using your voice, but if you believe in something or want to change something then use your voice to make this happen. This could be within politics, for example.

Becoming a teacher is another way you could use your voice to make a difference. Moulding and shaping the next generation of children is a brilliant thing. It’s also a very satisfying job.

Use your voice and make money from it!

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