Using Tech To Your Advantage To Boost Efficiency

Posted on Feb 2 2018 - 6:15pm by Editorial Staff

Technology is worming its way into every workplace across the world to increase efficiency in business and is being welcomed with open arms as we further embrace its potential.

Electing to adopt technology in your business can have amazing effects on the productivity and completion of tasks that previously took days or even weeks to finish. With the advancements in technology we witness now, these tasks are reduced to mere minutes or hours and not only increase production but can also save your business money.

And no matter what sort of business you are running, you can find the perfect technology for your needs. No matter if you focus on manufacturing, trading, data storage, or even just want to streamline everyday processes, the tech is there for you to use at your leisure.


If your company is big on investing and trading, then it might be time to start letting the machines do all the hard work for you. There has been nearly a decade of development in finding a suitable way to teach a computer to trade for you, instead of following the market yourself.

Choosing to invest in automated trading software for algorithmic trading will increase your trading times to superhuman speeds and accelerate a typically long-winded process that to give you an advantage in the market. Along with this, the program will be able to identify any changes in the market and adjust accordingly, so you are not left behind.

In a market that changes quicker than you sometimes notice, allowing code to do the more laborious tasks is a chance that you would be foolhardy to miss out on. If you want to ensure that you are always ahead of your competition, then choosing to embrace the solutions of the future now is critical.


Anyone who has ever worked in a customer service capacity will know how thankless of a job it is. With advancements in artificial intelligence, companies are now utilising this tech to making their customers’ problems solvable due to machine learning.

Utilising this customer support tactic will allow you to reach more people than you would when employing human agents, as well as being able to solve problems much quicker due to the AI recognising keywords and using algorithms to troubleshoot issues and repair them.

Furthermore, as time goes on, the AI will become more sophisticated and thus be able to cope with more substantial problems. While you do not need to remove all human agents from your customer service network immediately, as there will still be teething problems with the computer, you will be able to reduce their influence over time as they are promoted to higher responsibility positions within your company.


The practice of pouring over resumes looking for the perfect candidate is a long and arduous task. Even though we already have programs that will identify keywords in these documents to eliminate the under-qualified applicants, there is still a human element involved that can eat up more time than it is often worth.

However, companies are now using AI for more than just customer support. They are also taking advantage of the sheer speed in which a computer can search for suitable candidates when compared to a human flicking through page after page.

From reading perhaps twenty resumes an hour, the AI can cover thousands of application within minutes and discover who would be the right fit for your company. This allows you to eliminate applications which are not a good fit as well as whittle the pool down to a shortlist of potential hires.


Businesses across the world are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. It is a sign of a responsible business to adopt green tech to help save the planet and look for solutions to sustainability.

Bringing energy efficient technology into the workplace will allow you to save money and the planet at the same time. This tech can focus on reducing your carbon footprint by saving paper and digitalising essential documents and data as well as working solely online and eradicating any paper trail for meetings, conferences, and memos.

Furthermore, you can look into utilities around the office that can make for a greener office environment. Replacing old fluorescent lighting with energy-saving bulbs will reduce electricity charges and encouraging (or allowing) flexitime for your employees will save everyone needed to be at the office every day, thus eliminating exhaust emissions during their morning and evening commute.


And no list on essential efficiency tech could be complete without discussing the need for reliable and robust cyber security solutions to assist in warding off potential hacking threats from who-even-knows where.

Recent hacking scandals in business giants such as the supposedly mighty Equifax has proven that it doesn’t matter how large or small your business might be, you will be under threat of attack if you do not adequately prepare. To avoid this, looking into the best security software available will save you any heartache and loss of sensitive information before disaster strikes.

Furthermore, investing in disaster recovery software can help you out of a tight spot even if your systems are illegally breached. This will allow your systems to return to full functionality with little to zero damage within less than an hour and can prove highly useful should you be storing a substantial amount of data and information on your servers.


While you may encounter some pushback from people who do not understand the potential of technology or those who are merely just terrified of the future, choosing to adopt these innovations in your workplace will make for a much efficient environment. Once the evidence is clear for all to see, they will wonder why it took so long in the first place.

An efficient workplace is one which will only go on to succeed further in the business world. To avoid being left behind by your competitors and other markets, taking steps into the 21st century and beyond is an opportunity that you cannot afford to neglect, should you want to build upon existing success and move forward into the future.

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