Using Calendars For Business Promotion

Posted on Oct 3 2013 - 12:02am by Kevin Maddox


There are many ways in which calendars can be used to promote your business. Primarily, calendars represent a low cost, but also act as an effective way to market yourself to existing and new clients. Calendars can be designed in such a way as to feature prominent logos and slogans, and can be produced at low costs, while still being able to demonstrate a commitment to high quality design. With different options available for customising calendars, you can use them as a way to insert your brand into the daily life of an office or business.

One of the main advantages of promoting your business through calendars is the relatively low costs that are associated with making them, compared to other products. While it is worthwhile to invest in the quality of making of one such Calendar form like that of Rose Calendars 2014, you can still produce large quantities of them without having to spend a significant amount. The design of your calendar can vary between wall calendars and small desktop calendars, with the aim of being able to send out calendars to clients for the start of the year.

Other benefits to using calendars for business promotion include being able to feature your brand’s logo on multiple pages, as well as other necessary information about the product. So, try to think of a calendar as a combined platform that adds practical value with advertising space. For calendar pages, you can choose stock photographs that are associated with your product that might include landscape pictures if you’re a travel booking company, or simply images from your own catalogue of products.

With calendars being positioned inside offices, people will be exposed to your brand every day, even if they don’t directly spend time going through it. Thus, the emphasis for calendars is on making sure that your brand has a place within an office setting, and that the associations created are with reliability and quality. A calendar can then include more specific calls to action, as well as other essential details such as contact information and email addresses.

How you design a calendar can also have a bearing on how you can promote your business’s commitment to green policies. This can include efforts such as showing that a calendar has been made from recycled paper, featuring tips on how you can recycle a calendar at the end of the year. This can further strengthen associations between your business and the quality of a calendar. At the same time you can provide links to websites and social media pages that project the eco friendly policies taken by your company.

In this context, there are many approaches to take when using calendars for business promotion, all of which connects back into an effective and simple form of marketing. So, your brand gets a lot of visibility, and acts as a way for you to convey important information about what your business does and offers to clients. Perhaps more importantly, then, a well designed calendar can help to foster a strong level of trust and reliability with clients, which can be reproduced and strengthened over time in numerous ways. On the whole, calendars act as useful tools to promote your business in innumerable ways, that too in various sectors of employment and domesticity, making your brand a popular and widely accepted name.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Joe Lanman

Photo Credit: Flickr/Joe Lanman

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