How To Use Pavement Signs To Market Your Company

Posted on Dec 12 2016 - 3:19pm by Editorial Staff

Pavement signs are regarded as highly effective for advertising on high streets. They can assist in attracting new clients or to help you promote any specials your business may be running on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Today there are a large variety of signs on offer available through various online suppliers.

Basics On Pavement Signs

Outdoor display boards are recognized as one of the oldest yet extremely effective techniques to advertise. The method is simple yet highly effective which can get your name out there fast. Pavement signs made by reliable companies like Jansen Display are a proven tried-and-tested units that will increase foot traffic to your business. In addition, the signs are the ideal way to let potential or existing customers know that you are running a special or promotion which ensures your company is relevant any time of the year.

Once you have chosen the right sign for your business below are some of the advantages and uses:


  • Assists in getting customers to come inside your shop
  • You can easily advertise sales or special offers
  • Tamper-proof
  • Double-sided
  • Successful for outdoor events or campaigns
  • Unique designs
  • Ideal Uses
  • Outside a eating spot such as a take away shop, pub or restaurant
  • Outside any establishment
  • Roadside
  • Shop sign
  • On a high-street
  • Outdoor events or trade shows
  • Footpath signs

Outdoor Signage Types

There are various outdoor-display boards that are cost effective and efficient to choose from. The majority of these signs come available with your custom printed graphics or a changeable system that you can use laminated posters on if you plan to update your messages on a regular basis.

The more popular range have to be the A-frame pavement signs. These are traditional and sturdy signs available with printed posters inside the frames or a chalkboard which allows you to write your own personal messages on a daily basis.

Suppliers of also offer various swing signs that are the signs that feature a display area that swings offering you with reduced wind resistance, ideal for areas that receive many windy days.

Forecourt signs are designed with additional wind resistance and weight which allows you to gain presence for your business in a vehicle or garage forecourt.

Another popular option is the flexible pavement signs. These signs feature a printed flexible panel that is wedged inside a heavy and solid base.

One of the top rated signs is still the chalk pavement sign as it offers you with a way to creatively make just the right impression on the street outside your business or shop. Cause interruptions to that old gray and dull pavement with your very own authentic and unique sign which can display your weekly or daily offers or specials. Most of these outdoor signs feature a double coating which means the sign is protected from the varying outdoor weather conditions.

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