US Department Of Defense Spending Half A Trillion On Six Cyber War Preparations

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 11:27am by Editorial Staff

Ashton Carter, US Deputy Secretary of Defense outlined six ways the Department of Defense is taking action the way as today – according to him, DOD is spending about half a trillion to run the projects that will result in for the preparation for cyber war, reports VentureBeat. The DOD is charged of protecting the country not only from the physical weapons but also with cyber weapons.

Former National Security Agency director Mike McConnell pointed, “If terrorists find their way into our banks, the ensuing economic havoc could result in greater devastation than that of 9/11. He said the US must be prepared not only to defend itself on the Internet but also to fight back.”

Six core DOD missions speak to this responsibility:

  • Developing and preparing to use weapons of cyber warfare
  • Preparing the U.S. for what the battlefield may look like
  • Listening for and analyzing defense intelligence over the Internet
  • Defending both classified and unclassified networks
  • Creating technology using the DOD’s and the NSA’s “weight and resources” and distributing them to Homeland Security, law enforcement agencies, and partners
  • Protecting these tools and infrastructure with the military.
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