US Air Force Cancels Its 18,000 iPad Purchase Plans, Reportedly Over GoodReader Security Fears

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 2:21pm by Editorial Staff

Earlier in December last year, the US Air Force has announced its plans to buy 2,681 iPads as part of its transition to remove the paper bundle for flight books which weighs around 40 pounds, but reportedly today the Air Force Special Operation Command has cancelled the deal to acquire several thousands of iPads. The plan posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website has been updated with a note indicating its cancellation raising concerns over the government’s inclusion of Russian-developed GoodReader software as part of the purchase.

Some recap: The government in sigh of many American Airlines has already gotten FAA approval last year to use iPads in almost all phases of flights – the American Air Force’s Mobility Command too will be putting in a request to buy the number of tablets soon in way of waving the pilot’s loads – the Air Mobility Command puts up a proposal to buy between 63 and 18,000 “iPad2, Brand Name or Equal devices,” over the goal to replace the bag of manuals and navigation charts weighing as much as 40 pounds that are carried by pilots and navigators.

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