Upgrades Which Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted on Aug 1 2013 - 10:22pm by Kathrine Kreger


When setting up an energy-efficient household, one can save money and do their part to protect the environment. Luckily, a homeowner has plenty of options when he or she wants to improve their energy efficiency. Here are the top five upgrades that will make your home more energy-efficient.


With double pane windows, one can lower their heating and cooling costs. The premise behind this is simple; with thick windows, heat and cold will not enter the house with ease. This will make it easy for the homeowner to regulate the temperature without relying on a heater or air conditioner. Without a doubt, when looking at new windows San Mateo, one must consider the double pane version.


When taking advantage of natural light, one will not rely on their light bulbs. To set this up, one should install a skylight in their family room. Not only will it save a household a lot of money, it will be an enjoyable place for family members to relax. Remember, nothing is better than sitting under natural light and reading a book.


One should buy energy-efficient appliances. When buying a washer or dryer, one should do copious amounts of research to find the best item. When getting the most efficient version, one can see a drastic drop in their monthly electric bills. Remember, an old dryer is inefficient and uses too much energy. With a new and updated version, one can save plenty of energy.

Clothes line

To save more money on drying costs, one should install a clothesline. With a well-placed line in the yard, one can dry their clothes year round. Furthermore, one will discover that their clothes come out more comfortable when they dry on a clothesline. This is a great way for a family to eliminate the source of their energy usage.


In cold climates, one can spend much of their monthly income on heating their home. This is unfortunate since this cost is difficult to avoid. To save some cash, one should consider using caulk and sealing the cracks near doors and windows. With this step one can prevent cold air from seeping into the house. Without preventing cold air from entering the house, a homeowner will end up wasting money.

An energy-efficient household can save a significant amount of money on their electric bills. With these five tips, one should have no trouble cutting their bill in half.

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