The Upcoming Top Businesses Of 2018

Posted on Jan 22 2018 - 6:30am by Editorial Staff

With us already midway through the first month of the year, it is high time we discuss and make predictions for the months to come. We could discuss on and on about the top casinos in 2018, but those are obvious and a sure way to the big bucks. In this article we are going to look at some other likely business trends that will create headlines and hopefully will get in the big bucks in 2018.

Tech Consultancy

Millennial are getting professional, with the oldest millennial reaching the age of 35, which means they are likely going to be in important positions world over. Millennial are notorious to have been born with the digital and tech age at its boom, and infamous for having a gadget in their hand when they were much younger, it is likely that this year under the leadership of Millennial is going to see some pretty serious tech and AI investments.

Health Fast Foods

During the 90’s there was a serious rise of fast food chains. Those days saw fast food moguls like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC exploiting the market and spreading across the globe, the present day situation however is very different. Today there is a growing awareness of how unhealthy those foods can be. Plus the health conscious movement has really kicked in giving rise to many small and big scale businesses today. Consumers today are looking for a food brand that reflects the same ideology as them, catering to the idea of offering a nutritious meal that is finger licking good. The last year saw a steady rise in such enterprises and 2018 will carry on that trend.

Cannabis Licencing

Although the world is divided over whether or not to legalise cannabis, going by the current scenario, if you are looking to get into the cannabis business, here is your best opportunity. With the legal and medicinal cannabis market opening up, there is going to be a huge demand for Cannabis Licencing consultancies. This will need basic knowledge about the various state laws and legislation regarding cannabis, but it probably the best time to get into it.

Green Consulting

From cutting energy costs to reducing carbon foot prints, we are in a current state of caution and for good reason. Even today big companies world over are oblivious to the state of the planet and our obligation to it. green consulting in the past few years has become more of a position of requirement than of convenience. With newer rules being made in terms of the environment, companies in the traditional structure find it hard to cope up and sometimes even comprehend the field, which is where able minded consultants are needed to help guide the way.

Disaster Managements

Thanks to our overbearing dependence on the planet and the way we have taken things for granted, we are faced with troubling times ahead of us. The last year saw record low rainfall, temperature spikes, cyclones and floods of all measure. Natural calamities seem to be on a high, and the world needs people who are trained in crisis management and public safety.

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