Unconventional Tech From The Few Years

Posted on Apr 6 2017 - 7:09pm by Editorial Staff

As computers have improved over the years, it’s become harder and harder for manufacturers to squeeze power from their devices. This has lead companies to start looking in other areas to come out with new products. The result of this work is some weirdly useful tech, which will tug at the heart-strings of any enthusiast. This post is going to go through a few of these different products. Some of them have come from industries you would never expect. And, others have come from companies that specialise in their weird niche.

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One of the biggest product areas to come from the last decade is smart devices. These items are techy takes on regular items. The improvements that they provide vary from device to device. But, most will allow you to connect to social media in some way. One of the best examples of a product like this is a smart fridge. These appliances are designed to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible. You can get fridges that will warn you when items are going out of date. And, some that even order food for you as you run out. These sorts of features are solving problems that don’t necessarily exist. But, once you’ve had them; it’s impossible to go back. Another great example of a weird smart-device is a smart mirror. These products are designed to help you choose your clothes, tell you the weather, and even your smartphone’s notifications. The basic principle behind smart devices is simply placing a computer within a normal item, and using it to give the item more functions.

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Next, let’s look at something that fewer people would have expected to come out of tech companies. E-cigarettes have made a big splash in loads of places, over the last few years. These items provide a healthier way to get a nicotine fix, which doesn’t cost as much as smoking. The array of devices that fall into this category is massive. There are mechanical e-cigarettes, which don’t have any circuitry or wires. But, you will also find devices that have small computers inside them offering a huge degree of control over the vaping experience. Along with these products, you find accessories like e-liquid. These products have become so popular that dozens of websites like Lizard Juice e-cigs are able to specialise in selling them. Not many industries get so big so quickly.

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You’ve probably heard about drones before. They’re like RC helicopters; only they’re much easier to fly and operate. So, they’re much more popular with hobbyists. These sorts of items aren’t just used as toys, either. Loads of security agencies and policies services have started adopting them for their work. And, it doesn’t stop here. Some drones can carry large amounts of weight; allowing them to be used for camera work and other jobs that used to require a helicopter or plane.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of the tech that;’s been emerging for the last few years. It’s hard to predict what companies will come out with. And, in some cases, it’s worth just sitting back and waiting; you know it will be cool either way.

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