Ultimate Effective Gymless Workout

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 1:54am by Dannie Gilbertson

Gymless Workout

One of the many reasons why people stop working out is that they think that they will never achieve a positive result by working out at home or even by jogging around the neighborhood. The thing though, is that there are many types of workouts that could be done while in the house or anywhere else. Sometimes, going to the gym can be considered unnecessary, especially when one is vacationing.

There are quite a lot of workouts that you could outside the gym. You still have to consider the reason why you want to workout. It might be because you’ve gone out of shape, or that you want to build body mass. Either way, you have to be sure that you are doing the right exercises which would help you achieve your goals. You don’t need those expensive exercising equipment, and you don’t even need those membership cards. What you need is motivation, and readiness to experience tiring activities that would help eventually help you be physically fitter.

One of the best exercises that you can perform anywhere is stair climbing. You could do it anywhere where there is a staircase, and surely, you could use the staircase found in your own home. In case you don’t have one, then you may use public ones. Stair climbing is an effective exercise which lets you repeat it as many times as you can. To achieve better results, you may skip steps, and take breaks whenever you are tired. As it gets easier for you, you may add more until you actually grow tired of it.

In case you don’t have a staircase at home, you may choose to perform stair steps or step-ups.  It is definitely similar to stair climbing, but instead of climbing stairs, you may perform it using any kind of leverage; most likely, a bench. The leverage should be a little lower than your knees; if you step up the leverage and your knee comes up higher than your hips, then you will have to replace it with something lower. A wide stool can do, if you have one at home. Start with one leg at a time, and use the strength on that one leg only. Do not attempt to use your other leg, and continue doing the exercise at least ten times before switching to the other leg. Perform three sets, taking a two-minute break in between each set. Perform it without straining your leg muscles, as it would only cause unwanted results.

Aside from these, you could also make use of exercises. There is no need for all the expensive equipment you could use; you could simply use your own body to lose weight or to build muscles. Use your own body weight as a resistance, as this is one of the most important ‘equipment’ you could use for you to lose weight. Anyway, it’s all about you properly working out, and not some tool that promises you that you’ll achieve your goal.

The most effective gym less workouts are the ones that would fit your goal. What is also important is that you exercise frequently, and with enough power for you to achieve your goals. Exercises are about movement and resistance, so you must remember to include exercises such as crunches and sit-ups to the routine you would follow.

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