Which Type of Vacation Accommodation Suits You Best?

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When you’re planning your next holiday, the destination is not the only consideration. There used to be two main choices when it came to holiday accommodation. You either booked a hotel or stayed in a holiday home. Now there are a vast array of options to choose from, to ensure you have the best vacation.

Self Catering

There are lots of advantages to staying in self-catered accommodation, whether you book a flat or opt for condo rentals. The main benefit is the level of freedom this will provide. You are not confirmed to specific meal times and you can wear whatever you like.

Space is another advantage. Most hotels will provide a bedroom only. A condo will provide several rooms and outdoor space to enjoy.


When booking a hotel, the service you receive will depend on your package. Even then, packages differ from hotel to hotel.

All Inclusive

All Inclusive holidays include all your meals, drinks and snacks. Rules may apply, depending on the hotel. This is ideal if you are on a budget and you’re worried about all those little extras mounting up.

Full board

If you stay ‘Full Board’, this means that your breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the overall price. Drinks and snacks will be extra.

Half Board

Half Board includes your breakfast and dinner in the price. Lunch, snacks and drinks are not included.

There are many advantages to staying in a hotel. The main one is that your meals are prepared for you. This is useful if you intend to eat at the hotel a lot. It also avoids having to cook and prepare meals. Many hotels also provide a maid service to clean your room and launder bedding etc.

Staying in Someone’s Home

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people offering their own homes as holiday accommodation. The advantage of this is that you can immerse yourself in the culture of your destination country. Houses and apartments tend to be in residential areas, rather than tourist areas. So you will be staying among locals. You can experience restaurants and bars that you may not have been aware of had you stayed in a tourist location.

Unusual Accommodation

It has become popular to stay in unusual places. To meet this demand, companies have opened up unusual locations and buildings around the world.

Have you ever wanted to live like royalty and stay in a castle or chateau? This is now possible. Many historic buildings have opened their doors to allow not only visitors but paying guests. They are not the cold and inconvenient places you might imagine. Most are installed with the latest equipment and comforts.

If nature is your thing, how about staying high above a forest or wood? Treehouses are cropping up around the world as holiday destinations. Expect floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views of the wilderness.

If you prefer winter to summer and fancy staying in a snowy wilderness, a number of hotels have been built entirely with ice. Special sleeping bags are provided.

Other notable choices include lighthouses, river boats, windmills and pods. Which accommodation would suit you best?

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