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There are basic ways to achieve a green environment. You could recycle items or even compost at home. However, if you want to harness the power of completely going green, why not consider technology that is friendly to the environment? Lots of people keep complaining about energy bills, but they don’t stop for a minute to consider the gadgets they are using at home. If you are one of these, then keep reading because this article highlights 7 high-tech gadgets that save energy all year round. It covers everything, from a powerful solar charging kit to an occupancy sensor that automatically turns on/off the lights to save you from crazy energy bills. Realize that other than saving your pockets, you are reducing your carbon footprints with these gadgets.

Solar charger kit for electronics-16.8 Watt

Using natural sunlight to power your home is something that you’ll love. But you’ve never acquired the photovoltaic system because you either lack space or the money to do so. But with technology today, you could purchase the 16.8 Watt Voltaic solar charger at an affordable price and integrate it into your home’s electric circuit system. This gadget economizes on space too, so don’t worry of ever running out of space in your small home. This high-tech gadget also features a powerful V60 battery that will charge everything, right from cameras, phones; to tablet computers, portable play station and so forth. This gadget is also very light in weight, so you can move it around anytime you wish to supply power wherever needed. Power up and stay connected at all time, don’t rely on the energy supplied by the local grid.

The Super Maestro vacancy sensing switch

Most of us forget turning off lights and so we end up wasting a lot of energy. If you are this kind of person who is very forgetful, you could invest on Maestro Occupancy/vacancy sensing switch which automatically turns on the lights when you enter your room and off when it detects a long period of inactivity. You could fit it in your closet, laundry room, garage etc.

The powerful Maestro C.L Dimmer

Go green and save some energy in the bedroom. Create that perfect ambiance in the family room, bedroom or any other room inside your home using this amazing gadget. Keep in mind that the Maestro C.L dimmer is an award winning gadget that uses halogen and incandescent bulbs. It also uses dimmable LEDs as well as CFLs. It features a delayed fade-to-off system that lets you do your work and leave the room before darkness sets in. Bulbs are the number one reason why you are spending so much on electricity, so cut off your expenditure by embracing this powerful Maestro C.L Dimmer.

The honeywell Thermostat programmable with WiFi

Statistics indicate that the average American household spends more than $2,200 on energy bills each year. Half of this amount is attributed towards heating and cooling. But you could install a programmable thermostat in your home to cut back on your consumption. They are very affordable, some even cost about $25 and very intuitive, user-friendly and customizable to meet the changing needs of an individual and environment. Once you have it in place, you’ll save up to $180 on energy, which is not very bad.

Serena Honeycomb Shades-Remote Controlled

Your typical blinds will block excessive sunlight from penetrating into your living room. Whereas your windows let in ample light into your house, they serve as an escape route for heat during winter. On the other hand, they let in excessive heat during summer, which can make your house uncomfortable. The Serena Honeycomb set of shades are completely wireless. They use D-sized batteries and remote control. The fabric is designed with air pockets to trap heat during winter and shut out solar radiation during summer. Save energy with these special type of blinds in your home.

Save Water and Energy with Efergy Timer and Alarm

It’s often said that an average person uses 5 to 8 gallons of water per minute while showering. But you can cut back on this extravagant use of water and energy. Manage your time efficiently while in the bathroom by starting the timer and watching the progress on a small screen. Don’t worry because integrating it into your shower system is quick and easy. You can choose to hang it on the showerhead or on the wall using the suction cap. It’s a great way of saving on time, water and energy and that’s a bonus there.

Hozelock Auto AquaPod 10 watering system

If you have a big garden in your house and you find it very difficult to water every plant so Hozelock has invented a gadget just for you Aqua Pod. This gadget will help you to water your plants. It is an automatic watering system that will water your 10 to 30 plants while it is also advisable to take help of Vinyl Fence Riverside to make your garden safe.

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