Toshiba Announces Q4 2012 Earnings: Sales 5,800 Billion Yen, Operating Income 194.3 Billion Yen

Posted on May 8 2013 - 1:59pm by Ric Savage


Toshiba today reported its fourth quarter 2012 results. The company reported the sales of 5,800.3 billion Yen, down 300 billion Yen on year-on-year basis. The operating income for the quarter was 194.3 billion Yen, down 8.4 billion Yen on year-on-year basis, while the net income was 77.5 billion Yen, down 7.4 billion Yen.

Business Highlights:

  • The digital products segment saw overall sale decrease by 228.3 billion Yen to 1,432.7 billion Yen.
  • The electronic devices segment saw overall sale decrease by 101.6 billion Yen to 1,335.3 billion Yen.
  • The social infrastructure segment saw overall sale increase by 151.4 billion Yen to 2,564.2 billion Yen.
  • The home appliances saw overall sales increase by 16.2 billion Yen to 591.5 billion Yen.
  • The others segment saw sale decrease by 192.4 billion Yen to 310.7 billion Yen.
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