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Posted on Mar 17 2016 - 8:28pm by Editorial Staff


Watching the TV was once a standard part of every family’s Saturday night entertainment. Mum, dad, and the kids, would all settle down on the sofa around 7pm to watch a mix of light entertainment, followed by the headline act: a movie.

These days, life is very different in Mr and Mrs Ordinary’s home. The kids are more likely to be ensconced in their bedrooms surfing Facebook or chatting on Skype, while mum and dad play with their tablets downstairs.

Television might not be quite so much of a staple in many people’s homes, but it is still very important. Most of us have our favourite viewing – watching Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager is certainly top of my list right now – so we usually earmark one or two evenings a week for a select program or two. Some content can be viewed online for free, but if you want to watch premium content or anything on terrestrial channels, you will have to find a suitable TV package. So here is a quick guide to choosing the right package for your family.

What are Your Viewing Habits?

Your viewing habits will largely dictate what type of TV package you need. For example, if you only ever watch programmes on catch-up, there is little point in paying for an all-singing, all-dancing TV package. But if you love sport, movies, and your kids are addicted to children’s television and the Cartoon Network, you are going to have to cough up for all that and more.

Movie Buffs

Movie aficionados will probably be happy with a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. This will give you access to thousands of movies, old and new, for a small fee, payable monthly. You can also watch lots of boxsets via both services, which is great if you have yet to see Breaking Bad or How To Get Away With Murder. Netflix subscribers in the UK will only see UK content, but it is possible to use a VPN or tweak the DNS settings of your device if you access Netflix via a console or computer, which will let you watch content viewable in other countries.

Sport Freaks

Sports fans usually have no choice but to sign up for a premium cable or satellite TV package, since many of the top fixtures are not available online or via free TV channels. However, unless you are an avid footy fan who never misses a game or you watch less popular sports, it will be cheaper to head down your local and watch the big game there.

Online TV

There is a huge amount of free content available on catch-up channels such as BBC iPlayer. At the moment, anyone can watch, irrespective of whether they have a TV licence, but this is changing, so be aware that you may soon have to pay for a TV licence if you watch iPlayer – even if you don’t watch regular TV.

Customer service is always an important consideration, so make sure you bookmark in case you have any problems setting up your new TV package.

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