The Top Ten Attractive Neckline Designs For Salwar Kameez

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A staid salwar-kameez purchased online is your go-to outfit for many occasions for you. Simple and sober you can wear it even to work. It can hide a multitude of sins and don’t need to have an hour-glass figure to flaunt one. So what’s not to like about your favourite piece of loyal Salwarkameez? What indeed? Check out a few neckline trends to give your Salwarkameez neck designs a make-over.

Designer Salwar Kameez to your Rescue

Yes, you’re taken for granted salwar kameezcan get a style twist by changing something as simple as its neckline. Depending on what you want your look to be? Tone it down or glam it up, you can change your neck designs and turn the look on its head.

  • Before you start your salwarkameez online shopping, take a deep look at the neck design. Your body type should dictate the kind of neck designs you have. The halter neck style is an age-old style which never fails to impress bold yes, but it can change the look of your designer salwar kameez in a jiffy.
  • Crew neckline is another popular neckline design which is suitable for a slightly heavier woman. A closed neckline is its chief feature and it is not suitable for very slim women.
  • The square neckline is a time-tested neckline which is exactly how it states. If you want to highlight your swan-like neck this should be the neck design which you should be going for.
  • V- Shaped neckline is a perfect choice who has an hour-glass figure. The right dip at the back could reveal a bit of skin, but it entirely depends on where you want to wear it.
  • Cowl shaped neckline is a welcome change for your salwar kameez neck designs ismostly seen in western dresses but you can go for this style if you want to opt for a fusion look in your designer salwar kameez.
  • The key- hole neckline is a wonderful addition to neckline designs of your salwarkameez.An oval shaped cut-out in the front gives it a beautiful look.
  • One shoulder neckline is a trend that’s fast catching up with all fashion conscious ladies. Not for everyone though it suits those who are fond of western silhouettes. It does give a slimmer look and donned with palazzos or pants it is a wonderful example of fusion look.
  • Off- shoulder neckline the modern version of the boat neckline is another neck design to cater to the western silhouettes. Off- shoulder with bell sleeves is a must- follow trend. Indulge in some salwar kameez online shopping and bring out the trend topper in you.
  • High necks are always sought after as it can hide back fat and enhance your figure the right way. Full sleeve high neck, in fact, is a trendy option for you to consider. Just pair it right with palazzos or dhoti pants and you are good to go.
  • Cut-outs are another trend that is catching up and how. No matter what shape the cut-out is it is a chic addition to your designer salwar kameez.

Whether you buy your Salwar kameez online or from a tony store it helps if you keep your fashionable self-agog with everything that is going around the fashion world. Whether Bollywood inspired or you have come up with your own ideas.  A twist here and a twist there and lo and behold you have almost incited the designer in you!  A small idea can turn your staid garment into a red carpet one!

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