Top Mistakes People Make When Launching An Online Brand

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 8:14am by Editorial Staff

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The explosion of popularity has led to the Internet becoming used as the basis of launching a new brand. There are countless brands that only operate over the World Wide Web. It’s a testament to how evolved the Web has become in recent years.

We all know that the Internet is a global marketplace. It is possible for one person to buy a product or service from someone else thousands of miles away from them. Transactions can get done 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In some ways, the World Wide Web has become a double-edged sword. There are plenty of free tips available on how you can establish a brand online. But those that do launch a new online brand fail to take heed of them. As a result, they end up with a brand doomed from the start!

Are you planning to launch an online brand soon? If so, you need to make sure that you avoid these common mistakes before you start! Here is what you need to know.

Striving for perfection

Let’s face it; everyone wants to create the perfect brand online when they first establish it. The truth is; some folks obsess over this for so long that their brand never gets off the ground! It’s an accepted fact that all companies have a learning curve, regardless of age.

It’s part of life to make mistakes in business. The only thing we can do is learn from our experiences and move on. If you try to devote your time to creating the perfect brand, no-one will ever get the chance to do business with you.

The dream of being a perfectionist is a nice one. In reality, this will never happen – regardless of how dedicated you are to the cause.

Not protecting intellectual property

Anything that you design is usually covered by copyright. This is a form of intellectual property protection which is automatic.

As you are going to create an online brand, it’s important that you protect your branding. I am, of course, talking about your logo and brand name. You can protect both of those through the use of trademark registration. Check out to learn more about how the process works.

You can apply for trademarks in other countries too, not just your own. This is useful if you plan to launch your brand in other nations.

Forgetting your customers

One epic fail of a mistake that you could ever make with your online brand is to forget about your customers! I’ve seen examples in the past where people launch brands designed just for people like them in mind – and no-one else!

Another common mistake is to ignore feedback from your customers. They are the ones that will buy your products and services. And they are the ones that can help you shape the future of your business to become better and more profitable.

I hope today’s tips have been useful for you. See you soon!

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