Top Five Web Designing Market Trends

Posted on Sep 25 2013 - 12:02am by Petric Massa

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In this high-tech era, web design is the most significant aspect of an online business website that can make or break your business. With the increasing demand of web designing, the new treads are constantly buzzing the marketplace and heated up it with tough competition. However, most of people are unaware of basic concepts of web designing like how to enhance the design of website, mobile applications and other connected devices. In this article, we will discuss about top key trends of web designing industry.

Clear and defined icons

It is suggested by web designers to keep the design simple and easy. In technical term we can call it ‘Flat’, but it doesn’t mean to trim down the significant style. The created icons should be clear and defined on mobile devices so that skeumorphic or minimalist icons are easily recognizable across the platforms and color wheel.

Bold shades

When it comes to color wheel, it is important to apply color theory in an intelligent way. A web site with dull color scheme goes unnoticeable therefore it must be turned in vibrant and bold shades. Apple’s new design is the most advanced tool for color theorists that break color conventionality by increasing the range of acceptable shades. However, the conventional application colors understand the status quo and suggest reliability such as blue. Bright colors are more like a visual sign that something new is going on.

Data integration

Today, most of the web designers prefer to use toolkits to fetch or integrate data directly into their designs rather than creating data visualizations in software or uploading them on website. This leads to develop highly crawlable and interactive data visualization that can be displayed in top search engine results. Such toolkits are in-trend making data or information an important aspect of the design process, just not a late thing to consider.

Web typography

The web fonts need to be handful glorified print that were simply digitized for the display screen. There are ‘N’ numbers of design elements that make font or text more appealing in print, but get fail to highlight in pixels. Now, you are available with advanced font foundries such as Adobe and Frere-Jones that develop in-browser web fonts, which are created for all type of screens. The creation of web safe fonts shows rich possibilities for creating font looking as appealing as the content.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling can be defined as a technique used in animation to move background images slowly, than the foreground text. It displays your product in 3D, adds some sphere to your product, demonstrates the benefits, draws visitors and enables them to travel through time and make fun storytelling, leads visitors to your CTA, makes it more interactive and increases engagement.

Web designing requires expertise with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the concerning industry. Besides following these trends, it is important to secure your website from viruses and hackers, especially when your business website deals with financial transactions. The integration of advanced security protocols ensure safe cash exchange.

Today, various business enterprises prefer to hire digital agency for customized web designing and other web services that acquire a strong backup of highly qualified professionals. The customized web design can be defines as the combination of outstanding graphics, colors and content.

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